Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Things are moving along quite smoothly in my new found relationship. But of course, if this is going well, other things must not.. It's just the way that life works. I can honestly say that the bad in my life right now, shouldn't even be considered all that bad though. Just enough for me to wince..and maybe complain a little to my mom about. While she has something she can complain about too...

There is a small fee that the government will send a widow, or whatever to help with the funeral costs when someone has passed. But she just received something in the mail claiming that she'll have to consider that as income... and she'll be taxed for it at the end of the year. She can not work with her back disability, she is literally unable to. She's starting to panic a little bit, just because she doesn't know how it all works, etc. And she's never been the calm type to begin with. Bummer. I hate that the government is still making money off of Rudi and he isn't even alive anymore. Bastards. I guess that's how they make their money.... off of the dead people. Sounds so criminal...

And for my little hardship.. I just finished paying over four hundred dollars on my cell phone because I was using it primarily since we moved here.. And now I just received last month's and apparently, even though I thought I was being careful.... I have wracked that bill up over five hundred FREAKIN' dollars!! This is no good. I wish I could just throw the damn thing up against the wall. Too bad I have a two year plan with them. Fuckers. I enjoy the convenience of it...yet, I can not afford the price it pays. My goodness. At least I live at home, right? I don't have to pay rent all that I earn is for me.. and my cell bill..and Mastercard.. But I will be able to catch up eventually. I was just looking to buy a car very soon. My last two cell bills could've bought me a car... an okay, running car!!! My freedom...blabbed away like an idiot by ME. How inconvenient.

But I am finished complaining. I don't have much reason to complain these days. EXCEPT!! The oilers are sucking ass. And it is making me very angry. A losing could call it. They only won...I believe their game against Vancouver...which was important for me. So that I could rub that in the faces of all the fans that surround me here. But now, the Canucks are winning and my team is sucking. In MY face.

Oh well. I am still very joyous. I've decided Rudi will live through me now. I will try my best to remain positive and cheerful regularly..even when things tend to bring me down..such as huge, insane cell bills, taxing on my dad's death and... Edmonton's losing streak..due to my purchasing an expensive Oiler's jersey and jinxing the team. haha I will remain happy go lucky... layed back kind of girl. That's the new me and I like it.

And by the way I have a friend that I used to work with at the BW in Hinton. I introduced her to the blog world. She has started up a new one. She's a great lady.. Single mother of three GROWING boys. If any of you would like to check out her site...feel free to..


Suz said...

Thats stucks about whats happening with your mom. My heart goes out to her. Hugs to Her! It seems the government will get you anyway they can. Dont even get me started they are giving my mom a hard time with her social sercurity and so on.

As for your phone bill, geez g/f what do you do, use that as your regular phone. I have seen bills like that before. two years ago when I was seeing Robert he would get his cell bills that high cause he was on t hem all the time. Now the cell bill is under my name and I have to watch him constantly with it. If you want that car, only use that cell for emergency calls.

Iam glad that even after this stuff you are still joyous and happy and life is pretty good for you!

I will stop by Deeanne's blog :-)

Hugs Suz

acumamakiki said...

It's not fair to tax the dead and especially not to tax a sum of money that is to help. I say, pfft.

I watch my cell phone very carefully because I don't want that type of bill! I also have a plan that has a lot of anytime minutes so I don't run the risk so much of having the overages.

Hopefully you'll have your own car soon!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I hate the cell phone woes. I have racked up my bill a time or two. Hard to pay a cell bill that is more than your vehicle payment!

That sucks about your mom =(

Cassy said...

My phone bill was $477 this month. Ouch. I don't have another phone either, so it's all I use. I have put myself in phone talking time out for a while.

Glad to hear that things are for the most part looking in your life!

Mama said...

Yep the cell bills are awful! Thats why I have currently been banned :( Hello, my name is mama and I am a cell-o-holic. We don't use home phones either.

Out of all my kids Devin was the worst! $600 one month and 400 the next. ugh. Now they have their own plan haha!

Thats awful about the tax! How rude! Give your mom a HUG from me!

I visited Deeanne's blog, she sounds really nice!

Hope you're havong a great day! BIGBIGHUGS!~m

holli said...

That mom thing.. that is crazy. Not fair AT ALL. I hate that she has even a lick of stress in her life right now. :(

Okay - I totally understand wanting to just throw the phone and make the bill explode.. been there/done that. I think I've thrown a phone - but amazingly, the bill remained.

You remain laid back Haley.. please. There is enough time to be freaked out. :)

I'm glad you are filled with joy.

AFGUY said...

Jesus were you calling to iraq on your cell phone?