Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Round Over Here

Ahh, the taste of a cold brew against my lips is enough to get me goin'. I love summertime. For one it is the beginning of enjoyable days to come. Unfortunately the day wasn't as sunny and warm as I had hoped. But it didn't stop us from going out and exploring as we always promise ourselves we'll do.

First stop was Spider Lake..and later on Horne Lake. To be honest, I liked Spider Lake's appearance more because there were more picnic tables and spots for us to lay around, if the weather was permitting. Horne Lake Caves... wow. Those are a bit too much on the scary scale for me. I have to say that I was intrigued when Rob popped his head in between the rocky walls and disappeared seconds later. I was a little frightened at first but can see us returning with the proper materials to venture on in. Again, this was a time for when a digital camera would've been appropriate. Unfortunately that isn't coming until July.. from mama. I have to say that I enjoyed the venture to all of these places. What woke me up and brought me to life the most was.... sitting outside at the Beach House Restaurant Patio for a couple of beers. It just woke me up inside a little bit. I want to party again!! I have been quiet for awhile and I feel like I need to do some damage. Haha..nothing serious. Just dance... mingle with people.. and possibly make some new friends.

Rob doesn't love the idea but I do!! For his birthday we are going to go camping with my sister and Joe. And this is something we are both really looking forward to. Considering they are the only two that Rob seemed to really like here so far. My friend is back from travelling that lives here. The only thing with that is that we don't work together anymore so our friendship is based on what we had before she left. The distance has had an affect on our friendship I am sorry to say. When I have seen her, which is only twice and while I was working we didn't really know what to say to each other. It was how I feared it would be. I have to break that barrier and just phone her one of these days and make some plans to get together.

But.... I feel like something is holding me back from really getting me out there. I need to go and pursue some friendships so that my days off aren't just me doing errands and wondering who I would be calling if I still lived in AB. I would most likely phone a buddy to go for lunch with...or someone to do something with to kill the time. Another thing is that I always put the boyfriend first which is normal but healthy?? I think about my new friends that I have made and I wonder what keeps them in my life? I occasionally phone one of them when I am drinking to invite them out. And when they come it's fun and I gab at her.. But that's it. What do I really have to offer these new friends.. I say the people around here are kind of squares..but what am I then? A snob? Too good? These are things that I wish not to be.

I need to be more friendly and get out and about more... Maybe invite some of these new friends out during the day when I have not much to do. I need to stop stressing about if they will have fun with me. I need to gain some more confidence and worry less about the small..irrelevant details.

I raise my beer to maintaining my friendships, making new ones and getting me and Rob out more often!

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