Monday, May 29, 2006

One Fear Conquered..

Today we decided to show Rob's friend, Squizz around to all of the hot spots around us..
First we took him to the beach to pick up some more sea shells for his girlfriend. I also introduced the boys to the strange holes in the sand that you jump beside and water shoots up at you instantly. My cousin Sam calls them "gooey ducts.." I have no idea if that is actually what they are.. He is pretty smart so I wouldn't put it passed him. Then we checked out Cedar Grove..where all the big trees are, and then to Qualicum Falls.. After all of that we re- energized ourselves at a convenient store with ice cream/a nasty old pita sandwich/beef jerkey and headed on to the Horne Lake Caves (my fear)..

This is my lame pose..

See you can actually get inside of
the trees here..

This is the view going onto Cameron Lake..
and I thought it was also quite the pose!!

And no..this isn't a background pic
from Wal Mart..


Now for the caves. HOLY SHIT!!

It was quite the experience..but
I am glad I went along for the ride

Rob being INSANE!

This just shows how the caves look inside...

Smile pretty in a confined space!!

"do you think cougars live in these
here caves???"


Anonymous said...

I just love all these pics! Gorgeous!

Happy Birthday Rob!

holli said...

GAWD, Haley - those pics are amazing.. you're so lucky to have such breathtaking nature right there around you.. No wonder you're so at peace with the world.. and so happy (I mean, in addition to having Rob in your world). That's it, someday I'm road tripping and bringing Faith to visit!! I want to sit in a tree!!!

acumamakiki said...

Very very cool. I love that you have all of this so close by.

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »