Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I like

Today I am just going to write..

I was looking at , "Sticking To The Point" and I decided that there are so many things in this world that I really like..

I like putting my toes in the ocean..and digging them deep beneath the sand. I also like when I take them out ... and they're clean and untouched.

I like that I live a two minute drive to the ocean..or a fifteen minute walk.. I like sitting in my car with the window opened listening to the sounds of the beach.. And sometimes I get out and take a little unplanned venture out onto the beach if the tide is out.. The other day I felt like getting right up there close to the water..right onto the hot sand. I wrote a message in the sand with a stick..and I wrote it nice and big and then I admired it. I plan on returning and writing something else in the sand. I find it therapeutic and calming.. When I miss him I'll write him a message.. and when I feel like saying hello maybe I'll just write HEY TO YOU UP THERE!

I like the freedom of my life. Where I live.. I don't have to worry about tornadoes or hurricanes.. I worry that it might rain and it won't be as nice to look at tomorrow..

I like that my mom and I are so close. That when she has to come over for the day because her car is getting fixed I get excited knowing that she can't leave until it's finished. I like spending time with her on my turf, in my house. I am proud to have her here, napping on my bed, drinking my juice out of my fridge. She deserves every damn sip she takes too..

I like a long, flowing skirt in the summer when the breeze is just right.. Or running down stairs and it fans out elegantly.

I like pretty toes with polish.. and a subtle silver band on one or two.. (And I HATE feet..but I can appreciate some pretty girl feet when I see 'em.)

I like other people's well behaved kids. It shows me that the parents really have great control over their children..and are raising them well.

I like looking out into my backyard and seeing a fuzzy bunny eating the plants..

I also like writing.. just writing about whatever I feel like.. About anything at all. I like to let my thoughts run wild through my fingertips.. And then later I find that I can re-read what I've written over and over again and I am completely entertained each time..

I like the idea of marriage. Something that isn't easy but is a great reward when it is fufilled honestly..and happily.

I like love and what results because of it.. kids, memories, laughter and lessons.

I like love that lasts..

I like so much these days that I wouldn't know how to stop if I wanted..


acumamakiki said...

I like that you were inspired to post your likes because of my list today! To answer your question, no I didn't start the Self Portrait Challenge and anyone can participate. On my blog there's a side linky to join/participate. It's very creative and I think you should join us ~ it's fun!!

Anonymous said...

I like, no LOVE the beach and I am so jealous that you are so close to one.

I think I need to write an "I like list" too. I need the reminder that there are things in this world that inspire me.

holli said...

I like this list!! I wish I lived close to the ocean - but if I could sit by it, I would.

Fuzzy bunnies are always great. And moms, and kids.. and.. on and on. :)

AFGUY said...

wow long time no hear...how have u been

Anonymous said...

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