Saturday, August 27, 2005

Home Is Where I Shine The Best

Another work day under my belt. I am feeling great these last couple of days. I only worked five and a half hours but I worked up a mighty good sweat. I feel so positively about my new job. I am washing off tables outside on the patio and I can't help but remind myself that this is my new life. I live here. The ocean is four minutes away... less even from where I work. The trees are so diverse from what I am used to. The people here are very friendly and I can't help but smile everywhere that I go. I am mainly talking about Qualicum. Errington where I live, is very spread apart, neighbour wise. The only thing to Errington is a school, gas station and a movie store. That's about it. Home is Parksville/Qualicum/Errington/Coombs. Four towns all wrapped up into one big home for me. Everyone that visits here always comment on how lucky "we" (as in the islanders) are to live here. I don't think I consider myself a true islander until I live here for at least a year. But in my heart, as lame as this may sound I have always belonged here. I feel so much more at home here than I did in Hinton.

Hinton makes me feel uncomfortable. Too many bad memories, many good of course. But I wouldn't go back for anything, not to mention ANYONE as well. I feel like things are finally coming together. I need a few more friends and I will be just set. A vehicle is in need as well, but other than that I am a very content girl.

My spirits are so high and maybe it's because I finally have something to be happy about. Things happen for a reason and I can not stress that enough. No matter how tragic the ordeal was before... or how disappointing the relationship ended... these things really did have to work out this way. In the end, whoever is in charge knows what HE or SHE or WHOEVER is doing. And I know that I could get a bundle of angry comments that do not agree with me. But I know about the shitty stuff and I have lived through some bad things so I feel like I have a right to say how I personally feel. My dad dieing lead to mom and I moving out to the Island. Paul broke up with me because he didn't want to make the commitement and may I mention he broke up with me a little too late.... (HE STILL HAS TO COME AND GET HIS STUFF OUT OF MY HOUSE) Who knows, we would probably still be together living in Hinton if Rudi hadn't passed. Mom would be a lot happier, but her independence wouldn't be well as her back pain would be unbearable like it had been from years before. (Her back strengthened when Rudi was sick because she had to ignore it and deal with Rudi's slow passing..)

I am telling you people things happen for a reason and they help us become strong, empowering individuals.

So here I sit smelling the mouth watering aromas of a home cooked meal and I feel more complete with each day that passes here ... in my home... where I belong.


AFGUY said...

hey thanks for posting on my blog...and hey one day i may be in your neck of the woods and we can party on till the sun comes up!

Anonymous said...

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