Thursday, August 18, 2005


Today has been a great day! I just got myself a new job in Qualicum Beach. I am now working at Bailey's In the Village. I will be serving 28 flavours of ice cream, along with all kinds of desserts, quiche, home made soup, sandwiches and breakfast. It's the kind of place I am always looking out for. A great lunch spot.

This morning I went and dropped off my resume and met the manager. He told me to return at a later date to have a "chat" and a coffee. Well, it went well. He's so straight forward and lets me know exactly what I am getting myself into. No matter what I am going to give this job a real chance. The pay is satisfactory, less than what I was making at the hotel in Hinton, but I can't have it all. He said he wasn't paying me, but paying my energy and how much of it I have. I have so much energy he's going to be quite surprised. All that is going on in my life, I am just going to give my job one hundred percent. I have nothing else to focus my attention on, so why not!?

I am not sure if people will think that I am insane. But when I am feeling down and out, I shuffle up my "Healing with the Angels, Oracle Cards" and I confide in the spiritual world. As crazy as it sounds, it is extremely comforting. Since my dad died, I feel like I am closer to him when I am shuffeling through the cards. I get direct answers to my problems. Yesterday, I shuffled and I was talking to Rudi in my mind...and I got the "Guardian Angel" card. It let me know that that special someone is always here for me, and has always been and will never leave me. I cried. I was so happy to know that he really is here, watching out for me. Giving the good lord, or whomever a good word for me. It really is a comforting thought knowing that there will be someone waiting for me when I get to wherever it is that I go..

I just feel so positive about this new job. It's like a ton of bricks has been lifted off of my shoulders and I can finally breathe...and even see the bigger picture. It's not going to be that bad of a picture after all. Tomorrow I invited Mom's parents over for a celebration dinner.. FOR ME and my new job!

The job itself is just a job..nothing special. But the idea that I have this new job..means I am truly beginning.... a new life, a new start.

Lately it feels like I'm in a board game. Roll a 6...right when you think you're get THAT card.. Lose a turn and return back to START...