Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Life On The Island

As much as I hate to admit it; work is the answer. Living somewhere new is really a different experience. It's tough not knowing people and having to put yourself out there in order to make new friends. But once a job is in the scene, it is a lot easier. My problem before was that I wanted to work where I wouldn't have to deal with any people. But this was the very opposite of what I really need here. I need to work with and around people. Not only did I work with ummm... older people. I mean no offence when I write that.. It's just that I am twenty and I worked with woman that had children older than me, even grand children older than me. So here I am working with people more my own age.

The ladies I have worked with so far are so great. They are all so outgoing and they all seem like a lot of fun. The young lady I worked with today was so helpful and kind to me. She was helping me out by showing me how she likes to do things, to make it easier for me. The other lady who is a bit older was making me do more over in the "special coffee" area. I think we made a latte today. Yuck. Those things are nasty. I didn't realize that a latte' is steamed milk....foam! And just a little bit of very strong shit at the bottom. WOW. No offense to latte' drinkers but man, why? Why not just eat the coffee grounds in a glass of milk.. Haha, I went off on the latte's sorry.

There is a lot for me to learn yet. Yesterday I helped make food, today I did more of working the cash register and breakfast. Eeek. Some people are off in college, going to their orientation tomorrow. I'm worried about how to make breakfast for the majority of senior citizens. Looks like my path is going to be a rough one.. haha. That's depressing. But I'm not going to focus on the negative. If I did that all my life, I'd be a very unhappy person. I try to be as positive as I can.

That's the beauty of moving. I have no expectations... If I'm acting more outgoing, or eating properly, instead of everything in sight... people don't notice. They just assume that that's me. And you know what, it is me. The new, improved Haley. I am trying very hard to do things that take me out of my "comfort zone." People would be surprised what it takes to remove me from my comfort zone. Hmm, singing karaoke is waaay the hell out of my comfort zone...or going for a ride with a young man, I met a few weeks ago on his street bike is very out of my comfort zone. I am trying to be more fun...having more fun. I need to experience 'the life'. Not my life I experienced back in Alberta, but my new and improved FUN FUN FUN life on the island. Island Life I'll call it. Haley's Island Life.

So until further notice....I'll be living the Island Life.


AFGUY said...

I must say, i have never had a latte, and i havent sipped on coffee until i was in iraq and thats the only place that i sip coffee. In iraq the guys pour hot water and coffee grinds on top of the hot water and that a latte? Well anywho check out my blog..i could always use a penpal..thanks

Gillian Young said...

What do you do when "work" involves dragging two small children around? Well, maybe I'll meet a lot of cool six-year-olds. I'm really enjoying your blog lately and feeling my head on the same level at most times. You help me sort out my own thoughts while I dive into yours. Thanks.