Wednesday, August 31, 2005

An Irish Time Had By All

I went to Victoria yesterday to visit my sister. Well I had made a plan with an old friend to go to Victoria at the same time that he planned on going. This way we could both stay at Kyli and Joe's apartment and get wasted all together. We mastered a plan and it actually worked out. I love it when plans that took good thought to think of, work.

I had two days off of work and I didn't want to waste them. I bought a 1.5 Litre of my favourite Blush Wine and the night began as soon as the cork was unscrewed. Oh and what a fine night it was. We walked or let's say, stumbled to the new pub, Irish Times. The times were Irish and so were we. Well at least Kyli and I are..hehe. We drank cider until our stomachs told us to stop. I don't know how we started on the cider. Kyli just assured me that this drink was very tastey, kind of like a sparkling white wine. Wine, is the key word there. I was sold instantly.

The band was energetic and full of spirit. The bass, the guitar and the mandalin played for a couple of hours, and we danced... and clapped and cheered to our leisure. I really enjoy a good night out like that. Sitting around a table with entertainment such as music to get involved with, or the option of sitting there talking as the music played on...or getting up and dancing our little hearts out to the lyrics of old songs, and the melodies of the instruments. As we sat out on the patio as the smoker's puffed, we were approached by two bums. The first asked for money and we both smiled shaking our heads no. The second had a beautiful armful of roses. He asked for any donation, and we again shook our heads no. He must have sensed my love for the beautiful flower and said that I could have one on the house. Hehe. I returned to our table telling the boys that I got a rose from a bum. When does a bum ever give anyone anything for free? Really? I think that I had a reason to be so excited. These things don't happen everyday.

As the band began to wrap up the evening, we began to realise that home was the next stop. We returned to the apartment and I changed into Joe's t-shirt. Which I am proud to say I stained with rum and coke, pink poison (my blush wine) and pizza. Hehe. Eric and I continued to drink and eat...and spill. There was a lot of laughter shared and a friendship was renewed. I was pleased with the outcome of the evening and quite pleased with my one night out in Vic.

Fun times at Irish Times.


holli said...

Lord I miss the good old days.. I guess I can just live vicariously through you. :)

p.s. - thanks for the compliment - I think I look like a beat down/drowned rat in those pics.. because I AM!!!

I need to get a rose from a bum!!!!

I'm glad you're having fun.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I am so jealous =D Do it while you can, before you know you are old and chained like me! LOL

AFGUY said...
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