Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm a REAL Boy..er Blog!

 It's been 8 years.. 8!!! years since I started my blog. I initially started it because I was well, bored.. and I needed an outlet. I had a tragedy unexpectedly happen in my life and needed to be able to write about it. It definitely helped me with my grieving. I also met my husband while I was writing in this blog day to day. So it's really neat looking back on the 'early days' of our relationship and reading about how he 'swept me off of my feet'.
 Once I met my husband Rob, I slowly stopped writing. My life became more interesting and I felt like I didn't need to depend on the posts and input of my blogging friends. About one month ago a family friend of mine invited me to read two of her new blogs she started writing in. I got addicted to checking in to see if she had posted anything new and found myself yearning to update mine.
 I am currently on maternity leave. I had my first child, Alina in March so I have some extra time during the day to write. I also have more time to think about personal things, rather than how many pills someone will need if they take 2 and a half twice a day for 3 months. (I'm a pharmacy technician by non-maternity-leave day!) The answer is 270 if anyone is wondering..... Go ahead, do the math.. I'm right!
 I wrote a story and entered it into a writing contest and won a year ago. So I had to write a mini bio about myself and I included my blog. I made sure to edit out any inappropriate, 'immature' posts about ex boyfriends so that people would take me a little more seriously. I started to post some of my recent blogs that I felt like sharing on my facebook.  Now I feel like anything I have written is fair game and can be read by whomever.
 So far, I shared two posts on facebook and have had an okay turn out. I looked into reading more blogs and found Bloglovin'. At night I wake a few times to feed my baby girl and I find myself bored as hell. So I have saved the most entertaining and interesting blogs to my favourites on my phone. After a few days of reading different blogs in the middle of the night, I decided that I would like to be on Bloglovin' as well. So I linked my blog to it and have suddenly decided that I want my blog to be more than just a journal for myself. I think some blogs are really busy and that's why they're so popular. But I want my content to interest my readers. There are so many bloggers out there that it's going to be difficult to compete. But I figure, why not give it a try and see how many followers I can get after a bit of time? So, if you like what you read.. please follow me on Bloglovin'. It would make my day and give me a cheap thrill!

Us kids in 2005.

Still kids.. but with our own kid in 2013.

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