Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Co.

I have to say that I am in love with summer. The obvious reasons are that it's hot and sunny, the days last longer and because of where we live- we can go to the beach everyday! But I also love summer because of the company. So far, and it's only the end of June- we have had Rob's mom visit, my best friend and her son last week and my three buddies from Alberta just left yesterday! I am one spoiled, new mom being on maternity leave and having this much action in my first three months with my baby girl. I suggest to all people that plan on having babies.. try to conceive at the end of May, beginning of June...! That way, you'll pop in March or April and the summer will be right around the corner. I didn't even have a chance to get the baby blues.. It's been too nice!
 A friend of mine asked me the other day if I got the phone call from the public health nurse asking me a series of questions to see if I had postpartum. I did get a call but she didn't ask me the questions I think because I was so chipper and happy when I answered the phone. I remember she asked me how I was feeling and I said I was great and then I mentioned how beautiful the weather had been and how could I be anything but. So that right there, says it all. The nurse just skipped asking me the questions because of how happy I sounded on the phone! Have a baby in the spring time. Alina is now over 3 months old and happier, holding up her own neck for the most part and just all around easier to take out camping and to the beach, now that the weather is beginning to improve.
 The girls visit was super quick but fun. I was saying to them last night, that it's funny how you miss your friends over time but you gradually get over missing them because they aren't part of your day to day. But as soon as you reunite again, everything falls into place, and you realize how much you really enjoy being around them! Carmelle was saying hilarious things, as always. Kailey was crying when she laughed- which she used to always do and it wasn't until she did it again, that I remembered that about her!  It was lots of fun being around the girls again. The best medicine is an evening with old friends.. It was also the first time I've hung out with them, where I didn't get drunk. That sounds sad but we all grew up together, partying most of the time. It was really fun just having a beer here and there, laughing and blabbing just the same. They brought yummy cupcakes, champagne to toast Alina to and great company. Our house is small and the girls slept in our camping van. They decided to only stay one night, which was perfect because there isn't very much to do in my little town. They went off to Victoria for some night life and we decided to go camping.
 It's June 23rd and I already feel so fulfilled with all of our summer company. Good thing there's still two whole months of real summer left.. and I still have my sister's visit to look forward to!
I heart you summer!

Crazy girls having a campfire.

Until the next time ladies...

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