Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Difference A Nonna Makes..

I have been off of work since the beginning of March. I had Alina the eighth day into my holidays. My maternity leave officially started March 18th, so I have until next March off to spend time with my baby girl. I feel fortunate everyday that I wake up to her smiling (usually) face. But there are times when the rain falls and the sun doesn't want to come out and the hours just drag by. Rob's mom Andrea, is here visiting Alina. She was originally going to return in the summer to see the babe but just couldn't keep away that long. I don't blame her, it is very hard being away from my sister's kiddies. (They live in Nova Scotia - two kids- boy is four, girl is one. But that's another entry.) Andrea arrived Saturday and the company has been so nice for not just Alina, but me as well. I wake up and pass the baby over to Andrea to snuggle and love first thing in the morning. It gives me a chance to get ready for the day and it gives Andrea some alone time with her grand baby. (Her first grand-baby I might add!)
 Alina is nearing the 3 month mark and she has already shown signs of growth since Nonna got here last weekend. She is beginning to pick things up with her chubby, little fingers. She recognizes songs and cute sayings that Nonna sings to her. She has been nothing but happy since Nonna arrived. The weather also took a turn for the better since she got here as well. I think the weather also makes a huge difference.
 We went to Coombs' Market this morning, before there were too many tourists flocking the place. It was actually cooler this morning and the crowds were thinner than usual. It was nice shopping around with someone for a change. We didn't even think to look and see if the goats were on the roof like advertised. But we have all been there so many times, we didn't think to look. Andrea did buy Alina a goat headband to try on a bit later though.
 We put a blankie out on the lawn and placed Alina in the middle, covered in soft blankets. She fell asleep in the shade and I laid with her and relaxed while she slept. These are things that I could do without anyone here, but I never think to. 
 I bought myself a big, black sun hat for the beach this summer and a fresh Jalapeno Foccacia to have before supper tonight. I love market shopping; so random.
 So to sum it up- I'm happy with the company. I'm grateful for my mother in law and all of her goofy, whacky songs that she sings the baby. I love having someone to hang out with during the day and Alina especially is enjoying her sweet self.
Alina and her Nonna

Alina sportin' her new goat headband from Coombs

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