Thursday, June 20, 2013

Win, win!

It all began with a trip. One trip that tweaked a couple of heart strings and caused a few wheels to turn...
 My cousins from Alberta went on an all girl's trip to the East Coast with their daughters. Of course the girls got together with my sister, Kyli and her family while they were there. Courtney has two daughters that are very close in age to my sister's two little ones; Quinn and Sophie. Jessica has a 9 month old daughter as well. So all five babies got together, as well as my cousins and sister and they took lots of pictures as promised. I found myself looking at the pictures all of the time. Part of me was so happy and excited for Kyli because her babies got to meet their babies. The pictures were so cute of all of these similar little kids. But another big part of me wanted sooo much for us to be able to afford to get together like that too! 
 I remember telling Rob that I really wished that I could have some pictures of Alina with her cousins as a baby.. so that when she looked back at them, she would see that they somewhat grew up together. I also have never met Kyli's 15 month old Sophie and obviously Ky hasn't met our Alina. It's important to me to meet Sophie while she's still little and to see our little Quinn again.
 My relationship with my sister isn't normal. We just really, really, really love each other. We were the maids of honour at each other's weddings and can both honestly say that we are still the other's best friend. I love our chemistry. We can just talk and talk and ... talk and always get each other. I can't imagine not having a sister to confide in all of my life. I always had Ky to look up to and I continue to look up to her, now that we are both mothers.  I could go on and on about our relationship, but I'd never stop.  Rob and Joe met right after we started dating in 2005 and became instant friends. Rob was also in their wedding party. Him and Joe share a die hard love for the Toronto Maple Leafs, they are both incredible musicians and they seem to have a similar sense of humour that can entertain for hours. It's almost as if Ky and I married brothers.
 Kyli, Joe and Quinn moved away the day after our wedding day. It was really sad and we will never forget that feeling we both had, when we had to say goodbye to them. This July will make it three years that we were all together last.
 The pictures of the kids got me thinking, that we really needed to put in an effort to visit my sister this year while I am on maternity leave. Rob and I got onto the airline websites and made a promise to keep our eye on any seat sales going to the East Coast. The next day, while visiting my mom I told her about our plan to visit Kyli. We were thinking about going on September 11th because we know that flights are sadly cheaper that day. My mom was forced to tell me her big surprise...
She was helping pay to have Ky and the family visit US this summer!!!!
 The words came out of her mouth and I instantly started crying..and saying, "Thank you.. thank you!"  I could hear my Grannie saying; "Oh Hay....oh Haley..." I don't think Gran sees me like that very often. Needless to say, Mom agreed that it was an awesome reaction to her surprise!
  I am so beyond excited to see Kyli..! But then to top it off.. I get to meet Sophie. I get to see my Quinnster again. Joe and Rob get to reunite... and they all get to meet Alina!!! Win, win, win, win, win!!!
 Apparently after Kyli's visit with the cousins and their daughters she had a similar feeling that I had. She found out how many aeroplan miles she had and she had enough for a round trip to the West Coast. She decided she would take Sophie and come for a visit. She told Mom about it and Mom being Mom.. said that if one gets to go... so does the other. (In regards to Quinn.) She's like that with her dogs Audi and Lucy. Many times I've asked her to just bring Audi over to visit me, but she says I can't have one without the other. She then decided that if she was paying for Quinn to visit, why not pay a bit more and have the whole family come!? Amen, sister. Or mother...!
 Really I should be thanking my cousins for going to the East Coast and giving Ky and I that feeling of desperation to see the other this summer. Now, because of their trip- we are getting reunited again!
 Here's to the trip of a lifetime coming this August!! I can't wait and oh, there will be much to blog about...

The last time we were together!


Ali said...

I am so excited that you 2 will be getting a visit in this summer. With you to girls together - and all the babies - it will be nothing less than Wonderful!!!

Kyli Stewart said...

Awwww, Haley I am so beyond excited to see and hug and smell you next month, bahahahaa!! I miss you so much and this post nailed it on the head, seeing Jess, Court and the girls just made me realize how much I NEEDED to see you again. Love you and see you sooooonnn!!