Monday, June 03, 2013

Hunk of Junkala

Introducing our 28 year old baby .... a 1985 Westfalia Vanagon to the family.
Rob's sister Erin bought a Westy last year but hasn't had the chance to drive it from Thunder Bay to the island just yet. Rob was really excited at the possibility of borrowing it this summer for camping. When he found out she wasn't going to be bringing it, he was pretty disappointed. So, he got the idea in his head and well, anyone that knows my Robert- knows that once he gets an idea in his head, he goes for it. He researched Westy's on Friday and Saturday. We got our finances in order on Monday and Tuesday we were driving the Westy home from its previous owner.
 Rob's been in it since May 28th.. the day we brought it home. He got me to eat lunch in it with him, play cards and even to just lay in the back and imagine that we're camping. My husband is a little dreamer. He dreams up an idea, and then unlike many people; he makes it happen.
 He has since replaced the sunroof, the canvas pop up tent, fixed the lock on the window and repaired all of the curtains. He installed a light in the back and strip lights above the stove. He also got rid of the 28 year old carpet and replaced it with dark hard wood flooring. It really is starting to look like home! Look out Summer 2013, here we come!
 Even though Alina is only 12 weeks old, she already loves it. We put her in and she just stares out the windows, or at the curtains and kicks her legs and throws her arms around with a big smile on her face. It's going to be the perfect camping van for our little family.

The family in our new Westy


kristen said...


it was nice to see you in a comment this AM, here i'd thought i'd done such a good job of not having my name linked to my blog, ha!

i removed your comment because of behind the scenes drama that isn't even my story to tell, suffice to say that i didn't want there to be an online link to those old bloggy names.

no one from back then blogs anymore, except a few people that you might not have even followed then?

congratulations on your beautiful girl, your book, (!), and your new camper van!

i'll def bookmark your blog and stop by.

Haley said...

Sorry if I blew your cover! And yes, I do sort of remember bits and pieces of the drama that also wasn't my story to tell. I'm surprised that one of them doesn't blog anymore. But that's okay! I'm glad I still have one of ya going strong in the blog world. Thanks for the congrats'!!

Anonymous said...

you guys are going to have a ball in your new Westy!