Sunday, June 30, 2013


I am an anomaly. When it comes to shopping that is! My husband, Rob LOVE LOVE LOVES to shop. He'll be trying on a dozen shirts and I'm sitting with three guys, all on their phones, holding their girlfriend's purses. My friends say I'm so lucky to have a husband to shop with. Although, it makes leaving the mall very difficult for this girl!  During Christmas I will often bring my Kindle and sit on a bench while he shops. Now that we have the baby, he goes ahead with her to the next store. Once I catch up with him, he'll give me what he wants to buy and I'll buy it for him and he'll move onto the next shop. It gives him a running start at each store. I usually don't take very long to browse.
 Yesterday Rob and I were doing our usual shop at the mall.. He was ahead of me with Alina and I was meeting up with them. A man with special needs in a wheel chair wheels up to me and politely gets my attention.

Man: Do you know why I stopped you? It's because I saw you walking and I just had to let you know that you are absolutely gorgeous.

Me: THANK YOU so much..!

Man: Do you known why I put sunscreen on today?

Me: No, why?

Man: Ssssssssss (He pretends I'm so hot it burns his skin..)

 He is the first person or stranger that has hit on me since I was pregnant and it felt really, really good to be noticed! I don't care if he used a cheesy line either. It was kind of sweet and I took it as a compliment! Besides, I don't think he was hitting on me but just voicing his opinion in a cute sort of way. It just made my day and I had to share.

Christmas Pre-Alina.. Couldn't find a really recent one right before I got pregnant.. So this will have to do!

Alina's 2 days old in this one.. And I'm 2 days after being pregnant for 9 months!!

This was taken last weekend. That's right.. I think I'm sort of bragging. It feels good to be almost at my normal weight again!!

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