Saturday, August 26, 2006

Last Chance

Last Night's Outings-

Rob's girls: Alana and Corrine

El Quadro (it took me ten tries to get them all
to smile!!!)

The happy couple..and Rob's friends..

"I hate you Parker..Errrr!!!"

Saturday- our last night to party on our vacation..

I am sitting here, waiting for things to unfold.. Rob just woke up from a nap. It's 10pm and most people would call it quits for the prospect of going out. Oh no, not Rob. He wants to go to one of the fancier clubs tonight, one I haven't gone to yet. My stomach still hurts from last night.

Last night, I was drinking Extra Strong Bellini's at Moxies, beers at Speers..haha.. and a strong drink at one of the shags (I'll explain those in a later post) and beers at Roxy's.. You'd think that I would be right smashed, but for some reason I felt stone cold sober. I could not figure it out. I think what happened was; I faked sober. I thought I was sober, but when I woke this morning I was soooo thirsty like I had been right wasted. When I look back at the pictures, I look a bit drunk. It was such a shitty drunk, like I had been tricked the entire night that I wasn't. Oh well, hopefully I won't be having one of those again.

We were going to go to Duluth today, but we woke with no one here as well as no vehicles left. So we sat around and waited for someone to come home. They did..but at 4. So we went to the mall to shop instead. It was nice to actually go out for lunch just the two of us. We had a great lunch and were energized for more shopping.

I have come to the conclusion that next time we go on a vacation, we are going to actually go on vacation. This entire time, I have done very little, but it was very far from relaxing. I think this was just the kind of trip that was mandatory. Meeting all of the family and allllll of his friends. So now, I think we'll plan a more, one on one trip for the two of us to relax and be together. Even though, we're always together at home. But everyone knows that Home Together and Vacation Together is quite different.

Tomorrow I meet allllllllll the Italians and family friends.. As for tonight; who knows. I just hope to have a decent time and maybe tonight I'll drink and know I am drunk.

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holli said...

LOL - I'm sorry, the end of this post cracked me up. If your mission is to be drunk and know it.. my guess is you're going to feel it and it won't be pretty. That's how those missions usually end. Good luck my friend. Have a great time - I hope you don't have too much of a hangover!!