Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So Long Sweet Heart..wellll It's Time To Go

August 1st is the day that my Erin, Baby J. moved back to T.Bay.

Airhead is a special girl. She always seems to have a really big impact on the people that she meets. She made so many friends in the short time that she has been living here. I am sure they will all miss her very much.

I have to say, she really gave me the right idea of what it would be like to have a baby sister. I say this because it sucks sometimes but in the end it is usually rewarding. I love Erin like my sister. But she was like a little sister in the sense that she was a bit of a brat while she was here. I am being honest. We had a couple of spats. But really, that's what sisters do. That is what made us closer, and closer. I wish that her and I could've been close. But I think she had it in her head that I was Rob's girlfriend and wherever he goes I go. This is true to a certain extent. I think he's always been quite critical of the people that she chooses to hang out with. So she didn't always want him around. Therefore, I was not really around very much.

Last night I told her straight up that I wanted to spend time with her. I was going wherever she was..and she seemed surprised yet pleased. We had a really good time. Though I kind of spent more time with her best friend Alex, from T.Bay. She was preoccupied with a guy that decided to like her right before she moved. Hmmmmmmm.

But the night ended with me encouraging Erin to steal chimes outside of the health food store .. and I pulled an entire flower plant right out of it's pretty, perfect flower bed...roots and all. Wow, three bottles of Pink Poison (shared of course) will do that to me! My point is, is that I did get to hang out with her the night before she left us. I am so glad that I did too.

Erin had a lot of company for the last little while. I got to meet quite a few people from T.Bay all of which I liked quite a bit.

First off is Amanda, her cutie pie room mate. Who doesn't love this girl? She is a total doll. She wouldn't hurt a fly and she is so modest. I love Amanda and hope to see her when I visit the Bay.

Alex is Erin's best best friend that just got here on Thursday so that she could join Erin on a huge road trip across Canada, back home. There were some obstacles to this new found friendship, that we didn't even care about. (I won't get into detail, not a biggy at all.) I really liked her as well. I spent a lot of time with her last night. She is also a little sweetie.

Taylor and Mark came for short visits. I liked them both and hope to see them soon. I didn't get to know them as well, but what I saw, I liked.

Erin brought a lot of things into my life. She's my little sis now and I am glad that she came for the time that she did, so that we could build the solid relationship that we now have.

I love you "wong" time Baby J.

* I stole these pics off of the computer, just to show these friends that Erin introduced me to..*

Erin and Mark in Vic

On my b'day..

Alex and Erin partying @ Irish with my Sis.

The crazy couple (joked about calling them
lesbos all the time. haha)

Mark and Erin on the ferry .. coming to HERE


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you really adore Erin. Hard to find such amazing people who really impact our lives. I hope she is in your life for many, many years to come.

Anonymous said...

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Haley said...

Erin! I want to try reconnecting with my old blog friends. I see you have a new blog, but it's not open to the public. If you get this, I'd love to follow you again. Life has certainly changed. !! Haleyjunkala@live.ca