Monday, August 07, 2006

More In Store..

The boys, being boys..

There are so many great things happening in the next couple of weeks. Kyli and Joe came for a visit. They wanted badly to go to the BlueGrass Festival in Coombs. We all went on Saturday night and it was an okay time, for me personally. Rob got nice and liquored, but I think I held back because I am still taking my antibiotics.

Kyli and Joe seemed impressed again with our living situation. We do have a lovely home, a great backyard, lots of food in the cupboards (apparently..though I thought we were running low. ) It's always nice to impress someone like an older sister, a person I basically dedicated my adolesence to have notice me.

Yesterday was a fun day for sure. The boys went paintballing with Rob's boss. Kyli and I went to Aunt B's. We ate drunk chicken, my favourite macaroni salad and marinated steaks later on in the night. Around four in the morning Aunt B made all of us breakfast as well. I have to say, she is a fantastic host.

Robert and Joseph.... Those two are like peas in a pod when they are together. They get along really well. He definetly is like the big brother that Rob never had. Now that I come to think of it, Joe has two sisters, so it's kind of like that for him too. The two of them can talk up a storm because they always have something to talk about. They both play guitar and sing. They're dating "the sisters". I like that they can confide in each other about us whenever they need to.

The weekend was good. But next will be even better because MY BROTHER is coming to visit!! I couldn't be more excited. I haven't seen him since Christmas. It's coming close to a year that we haven't been around each other. Quite frankly, that is too damn long. Next Wednesday we leave for T. Bay as well. So this August is fun-filled for Rob and I.

I am just really looking forward to getting away from work for more than two days.

This weekend was good, but the ones to follow will be even better!!

At the BlueGrass Festival


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