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 This will be my second time participating in the "Boys Behind The Blog" link-up. Five questions are posted on Mal or Stephanie's blogs on the first Thursday of the month. These questions can be asked to any of the men in your life. It could be your husband, brother, dad, uncle, etc. The link-up is always on the third Thursday of the month and it is really fun to see what your favourite blogger's men are all like.

 This month, I introduce BlogLand to my big brother, Lincoln. He was born... a baby. (Major points for the person that can tell me what movie that quote is from.....!?)

 Linc and I were introduced promptly after I was born in July of 1985, by our mother. I think he was pretty excited about me at the time. But the excitement wore off once I started talking and annoying him. One thing I do remember is that Linc tolerated me a lot more than I've ever given him credit for. I followed him everywhere. I wanted to be where he was. I wanted to play G.I Joes even though I liked my Barbies and Polly Pockets better. I wouldn't care what we did, as long as I was included. In Kindergarten we had to dress up like our heroes and I went as Lincoln. I wore his baseball hat and clothes. Later in life, I was in grade seven and for Halloween I went as him again. I looked pretty cool, if I'm being totally honest.. A little bit like a lesbian, but a cool lesbian. The point is, that I've always loved my brother, since day one. I still do and I was excited to interview him for my blog. He was cooking supper when I asked him over the phone, the five questions. The questions couldn't have been more suited to him and his tastes. He loves music and so it was an easy interview.

 Again I will write word for word what Lincoln said as he answers and I will commentate when I feel like it..

//1  Who is your favourite band or musician? 
Linc:  For Punk bands- Mad Caddies, Bouncing Souls and Green Day. For Rock bands- The Beatles. Let's just stick with those four because that is a really hard question for me to answer.

 I am surprised that the list wasn't longer. I know for a fact that Linc would have me on the phone any other time, for hours telling me who all of his favourite bands are. But, it was right before supper on a week night, so I don't think he wanted to keep me. Lincoln is the type of person to have me listen to a full song over the phone because he loves it so much.

That is a typical picture of my brother as a teenager. Notice the Beatles poster on the wall and his coveted c.d. collection. Also note the look of annoyance on his face.. I must have taken the picture. (The upside down rainbow wallpaper was already on those walls when we moved in.. just so everyone knows that my parents weren't super goofballs.)
 //2 What was your first cd/tape/record? 
Linc: Tape was Copperhead Road by Steve Earl. CD was Weezer, self titled and Foo Fighter's, self-titled. Record was Michael Jackson's Bad. He's wearing a white suit and somewhere on the record there's a picture of him petting a tiger.

 Does this picture bring back any memories there big brother!??! Oh and I talked to my mom yesterday and told her about this post. She corrected Linc and said that his first record was Beat It. This would explain the white suit and tiger a bit better.

3. Who was your first concert?
Linc: New Kids On The Block all the way, fourth row. The security guard let me sit on the top of the bleachers so I could see and Donny looked at me.

 When I read that question I actually laughed out loud because I knew that New Kids was Linc's first concert. My sister, mom and him went and had a really good time. My mom said at the end of the concert the girls all rushed the stage, so she had to elbow, push and punch people to keep them from trampling my siblings. Good ol' mama bear.

Yes, I hoped to find the cheesiest picture of the New Kids.. and I believe I more than exceeded my expectations....

4. What is your favourite Thanksgiving Food?
 Linc: Stuffing all the way with gravy on it.... I'm sick of turkey.

We're sick of turkey because Thanksgiving was last month! I am sick of turkey too. I always make turkey pies out of all of my left overs and we have already eaten both turkey pies that I froze.. I'm with Linc and happy to wait another month for turkey again!

The year I made turkey dinner on my own. BUT- Lincoln was there to coach me on how to make the gravy. (Linc used to be a cook and taught me well!)
 5. Finish the sentence, I am thankful for . . . 
Linc: Money... no, I'm kidding. No, I'm thankful for baseball. I'm thankful for family, but everyone says that. (Long pause.) Looking at pictures of the babies (his nieces and nephew) and stuff makes me smile more than anything. So yeah, family for sure.

Amen brother. I am with you on the family train. Nothing makes me happier than a bunch of drooling, babbling mini-drunk/zombie-like infants stumbling around the backyard. I love kids and especially when we get credit for how cute and funny they are! Oh.. and baseball. You know I love me some baseball! 

Like I mentioned, I always copied my brother.. So it is obvious that I would also be into baseball and actually- I'm not half bad at it. I can thank my brother and dads for that. (Playing catch in the backyard for years and years really does make a difference!!!)

Linc with those babies he was talking about.

  Thanks for getting to know my bro a little bit better. I am really enjoying the "Boys Behind The Blog" link-up every month. Also, a super duper big shout out to my brother, Lincoln. Thanks for playing along!

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Alex[andra] said...

Your brother's name is Lincoln?? For a while Andrew said he wanted to name his son (if he has one) Lincoln! That's so cool!

I love the photos! Yay for New Kids on the Block!

He used to be a cook? He can teach me how to make gravy anytime!

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

This is cute! I love how much you loved your big brother as a kid (and still do, obviously!). I agree about the turkey...I keep reading about it everywhere this week and we had ours a month ago, three times! haha

Amanda said...

Your brother is super handsome! I'm starving and now all I can think of is stuffing and now I have New Kids on the block stuck in my head. Noooo!!! xx

Anonymous said...

My god you have a good looking family! Everytime you upload pictures its of gorgeous woman and handsome men!

I did not even stop to think about the fact that some of our holidays aren't on the same days! Happy belated Thanksgiving

Haley said...

Hey, thanks!! I'm sure that will slap a big ol' goofy grin on my brother's face.
No problem! Thanksgiving is always in October here, and it is heavily advertised in commercials, in t.v. shows and in Blogland now. Totally used to it! ;)

Noor said...

You have an awesome family . Lincoln sounds like a typical brother . But usually , brothers are way too annoying for sisters . So kudos him as he stayed a "calm" brother .

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic brother! Love that New Kids was his first concert and that he is willing to admit it. A lot of guys wouldn't. :)

Josie said...

Wow, I'm impressed by how much you look alike! You've done well with the copying part ;)He sounds a lot like my brother, who's a year younger than I am. :P Brother are a great thing, aren't they? :) I hope you have a great day!

Haley said...

Yes, my brother and I do look a lot alike. Everyone says I look exactly like my mom. But, it's my brother that I personally see myself looking like. I do love having a brother..! I'm lucky because I have both a bro and a sis!
Thank you for stopping by ..!

Sarah said...

Whoa, Donnie Walhberg looked right at your brother! Donnie was probably thinking, "Now that kid has the right stuff!" (har har)

I gotta agree with have a ridiculously good looking family! You guys are like a soap opera family, only instead of being all melodramatic, you're goofy :)