Monday, November 18, 2013

Crazy Shit Rob Does! Chapter Two

 It's that time of the month (no, no not that time of the month) where I enlighten the world with the craziness that is my life and my husband... To visit Crazy Shit Rob Does! Chapter One check it out HERE- you will not be disappointed.

Chapter Two: "The Crazy Shit Rob Does ... through texts."

//1   Well it should be no surprise that Rob is a texting fanatic. But I definitely like that about him. Whether it be through text, a quick phone call in between jobs or a little bit of Facetime on his lunch breaks- we are always communicating throughout the day. On Friday we were talking on the phone and I could tell he was eating his lunch. At one point he said, "I'm not sure if I lost my piece of pizza or if I ate it..."
 I believe I was just sort of surprised hearing this, even from him. I mean, who can't remember either eating something or losing it? I know that when I am on a lunch break at work, I know exactly where my food is at all times. If I had two pieces of pizza and one of them wasn't in my tummy, I would just know.. He had to let me go, so I decided about ten- fifteen minutes later, to text him..

 As soon as this all happened, I made sure to keep this conversation with him because of course, this is great material for my blog. And hey! He didn't lose it, he just simply misplaced it. And by it we're talking about a piece of pizza.....! This man is nuts.

//2  The other day we were together when we came across this house. But Rob made sure to swing around so he could capture a picture of it. He later texted me the picture and I just found it today, as I was going through my text messages..

 At a quick glance this looks like a house with an unfortunate colour of siding; peach and red. But if you look a little bit closer, you will see what is just so special about this place...
 Yes, there is a huge deer painted on the garage door. We laughed so hard at this house and we were both surprised that we hadn't seen it before. This house is just a block from my mom's place and I have driven passed it many, many times. Imagine being a teenager that lives there?
 "Umm.. yeah my house is on ______ Street. Uh-huh. Well no, you can't miss it really. I mean it's peach... well and.. there's a giant deer painted on it......."

//3  This is a repeat offender, but it was just too funny not to show again. This was a picture Rob texted to me on his way home from fire practice one evening:

  The text read: "Obviously a shitty rescue place. All the dogs died."

 //4  I'd like to call this one; "Texting Abuse"

 I'm sure it's clear who I am in this texting conversation.. I was beginning to think that I didn't have enough funny texts saved for a complete blog post today. Then, I came across that little conversation. Thank you smart-ass husband. (HAHA- I just looked at the time on this one and what the hell am I doing eating Chocolate Reese Peanut Butter Cups at 8 AM!??!) 

 I have some good material for just having my phone for a little over two weeks. Sadly, all of the real gems are probably stored in my old cell phone that I don't have anymore. Give me a few months and I'm sure I'll have more funny text messages to share..!

Oh and Alina wanted to say Hi- Happy Monday Blogland.. !


Amanda said...

How do you lose two pieces of pizza?! I am still a bit mystified by that. i always know where my pizza is! x

Noor said...

LOLOL I am amazed by "Shitty dog place" . They must have been very , very bad care takers. I noticed the garage and thought it was real one? OMG creative people.

Brianna said...

Oh.My.Goodness! Rob is hilarious! I can tell there's never really a dull moment with that guy! I died at the dog rescue place...and you correcting his grammar while you're kicked out {even after eating reese's at 8am...}! Ahahaha! I love this series. Thanks, girl!

Helene in Between said...

ahh haha. that's too hilarious about the pizza. like what?!

Anonymous said...

Yeahhhhh I enjoy food too much to not know where some of it goes! loved reading through these :)

Deidre said...

Hilarious. I'm with you, I know where my food is at all times. Inspector Climate is a dish drying machine (seriously, he cannot let a dish air dry...) but he CONSTANTLY 'misplaces' the dish towel. Sometimes it's in the bathroom (wha?!) sometimes it's on top of the fridge...sometimes it's on his desk...Oy.

Sarah said...

Ooh, I love Alina's sweater! And these texts are seriously funny. The dog rescue one...that is wonderful. I'm chuckling just thinking about it. And the deer! What would that even mean? Are these people hunters? Or do they just love deer so much that out of everything in the world they could have painted on their garage door, they choose a deer. Hmm. I thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into your relationship. Rob sounds hilarious!

Haley said...

I know, I love me some food too much too!! He did want me to add that he was on the phone when he 'misplaced' his pizza. I still don't think that makes it any more understandable..!! ;)

Jade Wright said...

I had such a good giggle at these - particularly the texting stuff! haha hilarious - the dog one was pretty much what cracked me up the most though! hahahahaha what a brilliant sense of humor!

You guys seem like such a ball of fun xxx

Erin said...

Hahaha I'm peeing my pants over here about the dog one! I like a guy who can make me chuckle.

Alex[andra] said...

I cannot get over how cute Alina is!

When I first read the grammar text I was like, "What? No, that doesn't make sense. Start packing you are gear.. WHAT?! Ohhhh... Start packing your gear cause you are moving out! Got it!"

Ha. I'm tired. Can you tell?