Friday, November 15, 2013

Q & A WITH A Reward

I have come to realize that Q and A blog posts aren't always interesting for people to read... But I also know that I will read the entire Q and A if - 1. the questions are interesting 2. the answers are funny and there are pictures that keep me entertained. So, I decided that I would answer 10 questions asked of myself and other bloggers by Deidre at Decoy Betty. She tagged me in her post and instead of following any of the rules that go along with being tagged, I am going to just answer the questions instead!

1. When life gets busy how do you stay motivated to blog?

One thing I made a rule of, was to post every other day. I don't think I could handle the pressure of having to come up with a post every single day. It would get boring for my readers because I would be reaching for topics to talk about. I also believe that the quality of my posts would drop drastically. I need that extra day in between to think up a good post to feel inspired and excited to write about. I have realized that my little eight month old Alina is growing up and she needs me more and more. So it's hard to set her aside, to play on her own, while I type out a post. My posts take me at least an hour to put together and it's just not fair to her. Short answer: I don't burden myself with having to post everyday.

2. What recipe is like "your thing" to make?

 To be honest we don't really have people over for dinner. We do have bbq's in the summer time. So my favourite bbq food that I am proud of is my pulled pork in the crock pot, my tuna pasta salad, my mother in law's bruschetta (it's to die for!!!) and my mother in law's Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip. It's really bad for you, but deeeeelicious. I have recently discovered Martha Stewart's Classic Chicken Pot Pie and I've already made it twice because it's really delicious AND I always, always do well when I make recipes by Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons. Seriously, just make her Mongolian Beef recipe. It's amazing.
Martha's Chicken Potpie that she made from her website and my Mongolian Beef. The picture doesn't do it justice!
3. You are throwing a blogger dinner party which five bloggers do you invite?

 Eeeeeek! That's me squealing at the very thought of- 1. getting to meet my favourite bloggers. 2. having the chance to sit down and TALK to and DRINK with my favourite girls. This is going to be hard because I have a lot of favourite blogging friends, but I'm going to be honest and choose the girls that I've had real connections with.

Sarah @The Baloney Bin
 Seriously, Sarah has the BEST sense of humour of anyone I've ever read so far. She would have me probably peeing my pants at this imaginary dinner party and I think I would encourage her to wear that 'bird hat' she's wearing in the picture. If you haven't visited her page yet, please do so and to get her humour, just check out her "About The About Page" she has on her home page.

Rhyme & Ribbons

Amanda @Rhyme and Ribbons
 Oh sweet Amanda. She is an American born actress living in England with her English boyfriend. She enjoys being silly, giving me A-mazing recipes to try and exploring all of the history that England has to offer. I love this chicky because she's genuinely sweet and a child at heart. 

I don't "know" my twins, but I think I know that Areeba is on the left and Noor is on the right...!

Noor @ Noor's Place and twin sister, Areeba @ I Have A Messy Bun are a packaged deal, so they only count as one guest. These two I have connected with so much in the short time that I've been blogging full time. I adopted them as my little twin sisters. They can come to their #BigCanadianSis anytime they want and I sincerely mean it. I am ignorant when it comes to other parts of the world and these girls are happy to answer any of my questions! I would enjoy sitting right smack in between these two at my imaginary dinner party. They love their food and so do I! We would stuff ourselves. 

Jade @ The Life and Times of Jade Lee Wright
 Miss Jade resides in South Africa, living her adventurous, outgoing, spirited life to the very fullest. I have a feeling that if she came to my imaginary dinner party, it would indeed become a party. I know Jade and I would probably end the night together. Everyone else would retire after a few drinks (this is an assumption- imaginary prove me wrong other guests) and the two of us would just drink and gab for hours..!

Helene @ Helene In Between
  I love Helene. I see her blog on my Bloglovin' feed and I'm excited to check out what she has going on in her world. She's a good blogger and those aren't always easy to come by. She is also really funny. Check out this post and watch the video to really get her sense of humour. It wasn't until I saw this back in October that I realized how FUNNY Helene is. It's hard to read certain kinds of funny. But she certainly showed off her humour in that tutorial. She would bring her weekend playlists to this imaginary dinner and get the party started!

Alexandra @ Let Life Be Like Music
  Alex and I have one important bond and that is that we're Canadian girlies. I had to have one of my fellow Canucks join me for this imaginary blogger dinner. I feel like Amanda and I have connected with some personal experiences in life. I think we would end up having a good time chatting at this dinner and I also think afterwards, maybe the day after, while we're all nursing hang-overs I could convince her to watch The Conjuring again, and she would see that it really is a scary ass movie!

 I just realized, as I was proof reading that I totally cheated and have SIX bloggers listed. (Technically SEVEN because I made the twins a packaged deal... Oh well- my imaginary dinner- my rules!) 

4. When the dentist asks you, "Have you been flossing everyday?" and you say, "Yes of course." are you lying?

 Simple answer; yes of course, I am totally lying.

5. If you have a life list type thing what are the top five things you want to tick off in the next year?

I haven't made a life list, but I could think up some things that I'd like to realistically do this year;
  1.   I'd love to at least have the children's story I have in my mind written.. I really want to have illustrations drawn out as well. But that's a little too ambitious. I don't think I'll find the time to really work on it as much as I'd like to!
 2.  I hope for Rob, Alina and I to have a mini holiday once the winter has passed. I will be back to work in the spring and I know I don't have any holidays banked. So it will have to be a short get away. But leaving the mundane day to day behind, will be a nice break for all of us.
 ** To be honest- I'm boring myself answering this question because I am being realistic and this next year isn't going to be too interesting for me because I can't really take time off of work, so I'm just going to quit at 2. **

6. We all say we love to receive letters but what's the one thing that inhibits you from writing and mailing them?

 I am a great letter writer and sender! I have a number of pen pals that I write to. I even dedicated a post to letter writing and how much I enjoy it.

7. What's your guilty pleasure? (t.v. book, movie, snack)

T.v :  Gilmore Girls. I could watch episode after episode of that cheese fest of a television show and not get sick of it. It used to be on t.v. all of the time and Rob would complain that he was sure I had seen every episode at least once. Try at least three times! I loved their sweet town, Luke and his diner and of course, bad boy Jess in the early episodes.

Book :  Guilty pleasure reads... I would have to say that I am obsessed over any kind of romantic situation in a book. I enjoyed the Twilight books because of Bella's lust and desire for Edward and how it was a struggle for them to be together.. I love any story line where two people are totally into each other and the whole book is about trying to get them together again. I seriously won't put the book down until my lovers reunite even if it's just passing by in a coffee shop. I remember in the Twilight series, when Bella and Edward are a part, I would skip through the pages until I saw the name Edward again.. I would be pissed that it would be at least twenty pages until he was mentioned. Yeah, that's a guilty pleasure. Romantic stories aka Haley's porn.

Movie : Again, I love a chick flick. I would have to say that I love all good, mushy lovey, romantic, tear jerking movies. I especially love it when it's funny, actors with good chemistry that kiss well and it's a big bonus if it's set around Christmas. There's nothing better than a chick flick but if it's during Christmas... well talk about the best of both worlds! The movies I have chosen as my top four favourites are the ones I remember being a touch obsessed over and I have certainly seen them a time or two or ten..

Snack :  This would have to be separated into categories to be a fair question to ask..
 Salty: Old Dutch Jalapeno n Cheddar Crunch Chips (talk about a mouthful!)
Sweet: Assorted candies from the convenient store OR chewy gobstoppers OR Mike n Ikes.
Chocolate: Any chocolate with mint OR chocolate covered almonds OR Charleston Chews. (Seriously, this is just what I'm craving right now! This would certainly change from day to day!)
Finger Food: Wings! Oh, I make a mean Teriyaki Chicken Wing. It has sugar in the sauce so it turns into like a candied wing when it's cooked. That is definitely a favourite. Plus they're suuuuper good to eat cold right out of the fridge at night, or right before bed the next day for lunch. In fact, I'm making them for supper tonight!

8. What is your favourite thing to clean around the house and why?

 I feel like this question is some sort of sick joke. What do I like to clean? Hmmm... I don't mind folding towels and Alina's baby clothes. I also really enjoy putting her clothes away because I have total control over her dresser drawers. I won't let Rob put anything away because he doesn't get that each pile is categorized; Pants, Sweaters, Long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, onesies, sleepers, etc. She's still new to me, so putting away my daughter's clothes in her very own room brings me joy. 

9. What does Thanksgiving day with your family look like?

 We had Thanksgiving last month and I wrote about it HERE.

10. What is the most liberating thing you've ever done and why?

 I survived pregnancy and giving birth. I honestly feel like a real woman through and through. I'm not saying that women that don't have babies aren't real women. But for some reason, when I was pregnant I felt like I was doing exactly what nature intended.

Man, do I ever look tired in both of those pictures!!
 Thank you for reading through my questions. I promised that the answers would be funny and entertaining and I know for a fact that they all definitely weren't. So if you bared with me throughout the entire list, I leave you with a funny and entertaining video as a reward:

 It's #BackThatAzzUp Friday with Yoga Pants and I have a song that we played as we marched up the 'aisle' once we were married. It's a fun, catchy tune that always has me tapping my toes plus it brings me back to one of the best moments in my life! Please enjoy Jon and Roy's "Little Bit Of Love!"

Little bit of love by Jon and Roy on Grooveshark



Helene in Between said...

i think that's great that you don't put pressure on yourself to post everyday. Chicken pot pie is my most favorite food- knew I liked you!! You are just too sweet to include me in your list of bloggers and your kind words. they really mean a lot to me! I loved the twilight books too. and chick flicks. surviving pregnancy & childbirth - props to you. that is something that scares me to death!

Anonymous said...

Aggghhh I love The Holiday and was thinking about watching it soon to get me into the holiday spirit! Mmm chicken pot pie is the one thing I've been experimenting with lately. I just can't get it
PS. I love being able to ACTUALLY comment!!

Amanda said...

Yes! All my favourite bloggers would be at this dinner party so it would be AMAZING! Also A+ for the new commenting system. i liked the twilight books too....*blushes* xx

Alex[andra] said...

Aw, thanks for including me in this! I would love to be at this dinner party! That would be amaaazing. Ah, if only.

Also, I need the recipe to your tuna pasta salad! I love tuna. And pasta!

I'm particular about how clothes get put away too. I'm convinced that Andrew just isn't capable of putting his clothes away neatly (or taking them out of the drawers neatly) so I won't go near his side of the dresser. I think I'd want total control over putting my childs' clothes away too!

Noor said...

I can't post every day , it's such a pressure for sure . I believe quality over quantity plus that posting everyday formula never worked well.

OMG I totally would want to have a real dinner with you , with Alina's cuteness and Rob's jokes . I wanna make it happen someday.

I like to arrange our flowers that are in front of our yard . They're always messy but a beauti . I don't mind setting them anytime.

Deidre said...

It's funny, I'm totally the opposite, I really like reading question and answer posts! I feel like I get to know the person behind the blog a bit more.

Anyway, thanks for playing. And I'm all about making up my own rules with these things :)

Jade Wright said...

Ahhhhhh I am SO flattered to be at your dinner party!!! Seems like your a great cook / baker too sooooo... HAPPY!! :)

Yes other bloggers, please try and beat me - I will (of course no bragging intended.. as it is a terrible thing to brag about!) drink you under the table.. hopefully with Hals by my side so that I don't look toooo bad! :) hahaha

I never watched Gilmour Girls! You've made me keen to give it a go :) At least it won't be like all the new shows where you get super into it and then next thing you can't watch anymore because the seasons over and you have to wait MONTHS until the next season airs! Arrrgh so frustrating :) hahaha

LOVED your movie choices too! Catch and Release is the only one I have yet to see - time to go back to the video store :)

Lots of Love Haley!! Hope you're have a great weekend! xx

Anna Czarina said...

I love the idea of having a pen pal. I wish I did it when I was young. I love writing like actually writing. I wish more people would do that.

Anna Czarina

Areeba said...

Sister, I take too much pressure sometimes and I know I shouldn't. It sometime takes 3 hours to complete a post! I don't know how to cure it, any tips?
Ohhh thanks a lot for including me and boot in your dinner party! Yes Areeba is on the left! Ya know us! And let me confess, I NEVER FLOSS!

Sarah said...

Agh, I loved reading this so much! I am so excited that I will be invited to your hypothetical blogging party and thank you so much for the nice words! I will definitely bring the bird hat. All the other guests look pretty awesome so I am honored to be on this list.

Now seriously, we really are eerily alike. #1, I love homemade chicken pot pie. I have made it before and it turned out really good if I do say so myself, and now I want to try Martha's recipe.

#2 I don't floss either. I have the best intentions there but it just doesn't happen unless I have something really lodged in my teeth

#3 Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite tv show. I am a fanatic. I have seen every episode at least 3 times. Brent makes fun of the show and it makes me SO MAD because it is so good - so funny and well written. I even bought this book I found on Amazon called Coffee at Lukes, which is a book of essays about the show written by different authors. I found some to be scholarly, even. Anyway, I am a huge fan, too :)

#4, Christmas romance movies! One of our Christmas traditions is that every year we buy a Christmas movie for our collection. Its a special thing, where we decide together what movie to get. Last year was Scrooged, the year before was Miracle on 34th Street, the year before that was Santa Claus the Movie...and last year, Netflix had a lot of cheesy Christmas movies on Instant Watch and I watched them all! Or as many as I could.

I hope you write that children's book soon! I would love to read it. And that kid of yours...seriously, I can't see a picture of her without it making me smile. You guys look so happy :)

Brianna said...

So fun! I absolutely LOVE Gilmore Girls! It just never gets old. Ever! I also love that you love writing really is a lost art!

Rachel said...

Cute Christmas movies are definitely my guilty pleasure, too! And as far as staying motivated to blog, I have two strategies--I schedule posts ahead of time, and I always put possible family quality time first. The last week my sisters were staying at my house, and I was nowhere around the computer! I love writing, but spending time with people you love is awesome!