Friday, November 29, 2013

Mission Hot Bod- Week One

 It's Friday, which means that it was my fifth day of taking RushFit seriously and working out according to the fitness calendar. I honestly feel so alive and good right now, it's pretty unbelievable. Exercising is like a well kept secret that people discover and then forget about over and over again. I forgot how good it feels to accomplish a workout, even if I had to get up early and I was pretty tired crawling out of my puffy cloud of warmth and comfort of a bed!
 I wanted to use my Friday post as a way to recap how my week of working out went.


 Day One was the "Strength and Endurance" workout. This is one of the tougher workouts but it's a good one to start with because my body was fresh and not sore. In the second picture I am showing how sweaty and tuckered I am. The workout did what it was supposed to do. I started Monday very bitchy. My attitude sucked and Rob was there for the first part of it encouraging me all of the way. He pointed out as he was leaving for work and I was going into my third round of the workout, that I sounded a lot happier. The truth was; that I was a lot happier after having worked up a sweat. I weighed myself after the workout as I was getting into the shower (yes.. naked) and I believe our ancient scale read 139 pounds. As I mentioned before; if I feel and look better, it doesn't really matter what the scale says at the end of the day. Day one was a success!


 Day Two was a Cardio day. I had previously committed to going to my friend Lisa's Happy Fit Stroller Sample Class.  I have never been to anything like this before and I really enjoyed it. Not only was it nice for me to have a reason to leave the house by ten in the morning, but it was also really nice to meet up with other moms and of course, Lisa. There were three moms and three little ones with us. We ran with the strollers and at times, we parked the babes while we did drills. At the end when we were stretching, the kids were placed on a blanket in the middle and they all got along really well.  I didn't think to take pictures at the stroller class, so I took a couple from Lisa's website. The picture in the middle is the emblem for Happy Fit. The third is a picture of Lisa holding one of the wee ones that attended one of her stroller classes back East.


  Day Three was the "Abdominal Strength" workout. In the picture of me in my bedroom I look less than impressed. Alina ended up waking up half way through round five, so I had to feed her and stop a couple of minutes early. I skipped any of the squats in this workout because my legs were pretty sore from day one and two of squatting. But, I feel like I sweat enough on day three, so mission accomplished. For lunch I ate Lisa's Bean Spinach Salad and it was very satisfying and most importantly healthy.


Day Four was another Cardio day and I went to the fire hall to jog on the tread mill. Before I started RushFit I was getting up in the morning to run at the fire hall everyday but it became too mundane and repetitive. Plus I don't really enjoy running or jogging very much. So it's nice to reduce the running to twice a week. I am enjoying RushFit because everyday is different. It provides me with variety and that's what will keep me exercising. I had to capture the sunrise I saw as I was heading home to share on my post today. That's another reason why it's nice to exercise. I was outside early in the morning, I felt refreshed, energized and I got to experience a beautiful sunrise!


 Day Five was the "Fight Conditioning" workout. Five rounds of combination kicks, jabs and uppercuts. It was definitely hard on me because I'm not very coordinated. I'm especially bad with watching someone kick their left leg and jab with their right arm. But considering how hopeless I can be, I did very well. Any workout that includes a "roundhouse" kick is definitely okay with me. I felt like Patrick Swayze kicking ass in the movie "Roadhouse" during this workout. I have been eating porridge for breakfast every morning and I am making sure to eat a lunch as soon as I get hungry again. Exercise is important but eating properly goes right along with it.  I am beaming with joy in my Day Five picture because I am so happy to have accomplished a full week of my workout. I did it!

Via (best photo ever!!)
 Week one of exercising has gone better than I could have imagined. I feel a bit sore, but not too much and in all of the right places. Already, because I've been working hard, I don't want to eat badly this weekend. I hope to keep up and not cheat by missing any days next week. As long as I'm consistent with working out, I should be successful.

 Until next week . . .


Katie Foster said...

Great job girl! Keep it up!

Areeba said...

Haley, good luck for your working out schedule! Keep eating healthy stuff and don't think about bad fast food!

Amanda said...

Brilliant! They say the first two weeks are the hardest with something like this! I'm really out of shape (skinny fat, I think it's called)

Noor said...

WOAH! Go on Haley . I am sure you can do that . It's literally a hard job to do but I am so proud of you .

Anonymous said...

Great job, girl

P.S. Loved Patrick in Roadhouse! :)

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

GSP rushfit? i LOVE that 30mins, eric kicks your butt good. i love his ab strength workout!

keep up the great work!

Vodka and Soda

Sarah said...

Loved the Roadhouse reference! And these posts are really inspiring! I am checking out RushFit right away. Also when you said this: Exercising is like a well kept secret that people discover and then forget about over and over again

I love this quote. This might be my favorite about working out. You should make a meme :) or better yet, a t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Good job Mama! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Good job Mama! Keep it up!

Haley said...

Aww.. thanks! I'm going to certainly try to keep at 'er! We're even trying to plan how to do RushFit in Thunder Bay when we go there for Christmas!

Lisa Avramenko said...

I seriously looove Rushfit and also I am crazy for Swayze so this blog post made me smile! You're doing so great Haley keep it up! Woot!