Monday, November 04, 2013


 I had a great weekend with my little family! I don't always like to do weekend recaps because they can be boring. But I couldn't resist because our weekend was worth sharing...

FRIDAY . . . Any weekend that begins with Rob getting off of work early is a great start to the weekend. I had mentioned to him last week that I would really be interested in getting an iPhone for myself one day. I was never into upgrading my cell and my cell phone I had before my Samsung Focus was definitely laughable. But since I've been off on maternity and I have recently taken a big interest in blogging and updating all of my social media outlets; I changed my mind. I joined Instagram last month and realized that I was only able to upload pictures from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. My Samsung phone didn't have Instagram as an App so it was sort of pointless for me to be sending a picture from my phone, to my e-mail address. Then I'd have to download the picture from  my tablet, blah, blah, blah. My husband Rob is all about the deals and he swindled a pretty good deal over the phone after quite some time. (two separate evenings and one full morning) He ended up getting a new iPhone 5S because he is Mr. iPhone. He's on it 24/7, streaming his sports radio at work and on it everywhere for everything and anything he can think of. I blame and thank Instagram for for my iPhone. (Blame because even after Rob worked his magic, our Roger's bill is ... sigh... pretty big now.
 So! Back to Friday; before driving into the city we grabbed some Extreme Eatz and it was beyond fantastic. I'm so mad that I didn't take a picture of the food because everything and I mean everything about this food is to die for! The burger buns, the french fries, the dipping sauce on the side for the burger, the sauce on the burger.. everything is perfect and delicious. AND- only $10 per meal and worth every penny.
 We got into the city and Rob got his iPhone and I got his. We bought new covers for them so that I'd feel special and not like I just got Rob's old phone. (Even though I did, I'm still beyond excited to have gotten an iPhone for myself!!!) That evening we didn't do too much. We gave missy a bath with tons of bubbles. Bubbles + Baby = Photo Op of course! Alina is rocking her Movember mustache early this month! (More about Movember in a coming post.)

SATURDAY . . . Saturdays are usually my favourite mornings of the week because Rob is home with us, instead of at work. Alina wakes and her dad is eager to jump out of bed and get her. He always brings her into bed with us and we have a fun family morning together all tucked in cozy. Alina is getting to be so much fun that our family time is becoming more and more precious. It was decided that we needed new tires for our Jeep Liberty and so Rob was on the horn again, trying to find the best deal for his dollar. I'm telling you, that man saves us a hell of a lot of money because of the effort he puts into everything he does. I am a very lucky woman. We drove to another city close by to pick up our new tires and then we brought them to a tire guy to install them. While they were being installed we went out for lunch. It was the first time we've eaten out where Alina ate some of the food off of our plates too. Just another reminder that our time with her being so little is precious and going by so fast. We ended the evening watching Rob's hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs get annihilated by our most hated team in the NHL; the Vancouver Canucks. But this time I was happy that the Canucks wasted the Leafs because I was the one that objected to us going to the game in Vancouver this weekend. Rob insisted that we should all go because the Leafs and the Canucks only play once a  year. It's the one time that he has a chance to see the Leafs play in person. But I said no, because I'm not ready to take Alina to that sort of setting just yet. Plus I just didn't really want to... He sulked and talked about it for awhile. He declared that if this turned out to be an amazing game he was going to be so disappointed. But lucky for me and those damn Canucks; they ended up winning after  a lot of bad calls were made by the refs, tons of diving was done by the Canucks and a few too many 'bad' goals were scored on the Leaf's goalie. After the game, Rob was happy that I didn't want to go to the game after all. Yes!

SUNDAY . . . Sunday turned out to be such a gorgeous, sunny day. We decided early to take advantage of Daylight's Savings and get on the road while it was still early. We went to Mount Washington to introduce Alina to her first snow! It was a sunny day on the mountain and the perfect time to toss the little one in the white stuff. She wasn't too impressed with the snow or us. She is normally a happy, energetic baby but as soon as we put her in her new snowsuit and plunked her into the cold, damp snow she turned docile and neutral. She wasn't happy, but she wasn't sad either. We ended up taking tons of pictures and videos but I limited myself to the three. After we came home from the mountain and Alina had a very, very long nap; we went outside to the backyard to have our first Fall campfire. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day and weekend.

 iPhones and tires and snow- oh my! It was a busy but successful weekend. Rob reminded me that I only have four months left of my maternity leave. I didn't need the reminder because it's been on my mind a lot lately. Every moment spent full time with Alina is even more important and special now because it's coming to an end soon. So I'm going to try and make every moment count...!


Laura Darling said...

Your weekend looks like so much fun! And I think I need to go to Extreme Eats! Your description is making me hungry!

Sarah said...

Man, talk about the circle of life - this weekend my beloved (and only 4 months old) phone died. I dropped it and broke the screen. We ordered a new screen but Brent ended up killing the phone when he tried to replace the screen. I have a new one coming, but it is an older version. Sigh. I guess insurance can be worth it. I hope you enjoy your new phone! Consider every moment with it a blessing! :)

Jade Wright said...

Ah her first snow experience!!!! This was such a heartwarming post - I couldn't help but smile the whole way through. And that collage of photographs you did was stunning.. my favorites are the one of you and Alina looking at each other with the sunrays in the background and laughing <3
And the second is Rob and her curled up by the fire.. too beautiful.
I thought I was preggers a few days ago. I was a week late and usually that would have petrified me but after how wonderful you make it seem I was gutted when I found out I wasn't!! Again, this just makes me the broodiest blogger around.. hahaha :)

My postal addy is: PO BOX 340, KNYSNA, SA... if interested to write a letter! Still hoping mine will eventually show up over there haha xxx