Wednesday, November 06, 2013

"Drunken Stupor"

 Tuesday, November 5th stands out to me. Rob's Nonna (Grandma) passed away eleven years ago yesterday. She went in for heart surgery and tragically didn't make the surgery. My mom and my step dad would have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary yesterday as well. My mom told me that her and Rudi discussed their 25th years ago. Rudi said that they were going to be 'so old' compared to other couples celebrating their 25 years because they were married so late in life. Both sad reminders of two very important people that played very significant roles in my life and Rob's.

 On a much less serious note; yesterday stood out, specifically in the news because of one man. One foolish, reckless man of power. Rob Ford. Ford has been the mayor of Toronto since December, 2010.
  Photo by David Cooper/Toronto Star/Getty Images (Ford) Courtesy of FOX Broadcasting (Quimby)

 Even before he was elected as mayor alarm bells should have been going off for the people of Toronto. In 1999 he was arrested in Miami, Florida for driving under the influence. In 2006, he was drunk and verbally abusive at a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. When he was asked days later about the incident, he denied being at the hockey game at all. A month later, he changes his tune and apologizes for his actions and assures the public that he is "only human" and that everyone makes mistakes.
 Okay, so the guy has made a few mistakes. But the people of Toronto wanted him as mayor for a reason. I'm sure now that he is mayor, he'll tone his wild behaviour down..
 March, 2012 is an unfortunate evening for Mayor Rob Ford. He gets intoxicated at city hall, goes to a nearby restaurant after knocking down a staff member and insulting others. After dancing wildly at the restaurant he later returns to city hall after 2 am where he walks around outside with a bottle of brandy. Again he insults another staff member and is called a cab home.
 The following March, he is accused of inappropriately touching Sarah Tompson, a mayoralty candidate while getting a photo together. He is later asked about the incident and again, he denies it and claims that he questioned Tompson's state of mind when he was first introduced to her. (Wow..)
  It is May, 2013 that a video is leaked (to only a few) of Mayor Rob Ford apparently smoking crack cocaine from a glass pipe. There is talk of it, but no video to prove the allegations against the mayor. Again, he denies it and claims that there is no such video.
 August, 2013 he goes to the "Taste of Danforth Festival" and appears "wasted" talking to other festival goers.  He is later assisted by the police and city staff out of the festival. Later on in the month, because of his drunken condition at the festival, he is asked if he ever smoked marijuana. He says, " I won't deny it. I smoked a lot of it".
 At the end of October there is more talk of the video of Mayor Ford smoking crack cocaine. November 3rd rolls around and Ford apologizes for the "mistakes he's made" and he assures the public that when the video does come out, he will explain what the video shows, to the best of his ability.
 Well, November 5th, 2013- a confession is made. Please enjoy and see for yourself, if you don't already know who this beauty of a hot mess is..

 So Rob Ford admitted to using crack cocaine in probably a 'drunken stupor'. Ouch, did he really say that?
A status update from a friend.. I couldn't agree more!
My Rob and I were watching the local news last night and we saw Ford confessing to his use of crack cocaine. We couldn't help but laugh out loud at Ford's choice of tie...

Picture we took from the tv.
 It's a good thing Ford woke up yesterday morning fully knowing he was going to have to admit to using crack cocaine to the world and he thought, "Yeah, I think I'll wear the one tie that will really make the people take me seriously." Nothing says classy like an NFL tie.
 I feel like Rob Ford is straight from a SNL sketch. First of all, I'm not sure how anyone took him seriously before all of his 'mistakes'.
 He is really good at one thing and that is deny, deny, deny. Unfortunately the denying is quickly trumped by his confessions and apologies months later. If you want a good laugh check out these Ford Quotes posted by the National Post-Toronto.

 Stay classy, Rob Ford.
**All of my information came from Wikipedia**


Noor said...

Oh lord , what's wrong with this man? Drunken issues , UGH!
Politician + mayors at our side are pretty useless ( as far as I think) because they're always involved in money laundering or corruption while sitting at the most important seats of town .

Alex[andra] said...

That is funny that we both wrote about it! For the record, I didn't vote for him. But, I understand why a lot of people did. He made a lot of promises to help tax payers and, in his defense, he actually kept a lot of those promises. But, being rude, belligerent and drunk doesn't sit well with city council. I want to say I'm surprised that he hasn't offered to step down... but this is Ford that we're talking about. There's no surprises left.

Cotton and Boots said...

I'm sorry Nov. 5th is a sad day for y'all.

I can't believe this clown y'all have as a mayor! I hate how corrupt any political party can be, it's crazy.

Brianna said...

And here you are, educating me! Thanks for that!

Also, just WOW! I think I'm actually speechless, which isn't common for me! That man sounds pretty awful and should consider rehab.

Amanda said...

This story it so crazy! As I was waiting for my flight it was the only thing on the news! x

Deidre said...

Wow, I kind of no words. Why would people vote him in? Did he have really good politics or something? Is he a charismatic speaker? What is happening.

Jade Wright said...

I'm not too clued up on Canadian politics - have enough issues to sort out and understand in my head here in South Africa hahahaha - but jeez he sounds like a right knob-head!!!!

Courtney B said...

Oh my good grief! I can't believe this man! Why would he want to put himself in a position to have his every (pathetic) move watched and shared with the world. He clearly has MAJOR problems! How did he sell himself to convince people to vote for him?

Areeba said...

Oh gosh, he's just disgusting! Typical politician! You guys must not vote him, MUST NOT!

Sarah said...

He really does sound like something out of SNL! The partying, the sexual harassment, the's kind of impressive that he has hit so many markers of terrible behavior. Politicians...ugh.

And, I'm so sorry to hear that this time of year is a rough one and marks the loss of two family members. I dread losing my mom and stepdad. I can't imagine the grief. Sending positive thoughts your way.