Friday, November 01, 2013

The Day After Halloween

  The day after Halloween... I remember Halloween so well because it was so awesome. Seriously, our parents were nuts because they let us get so much candy. My step dad would drive us all over town to all of the neighbourhoods where we could ..
1. Get the BEST candy.
2. Get the MOST candy in a short period of time. Like at condos where the neighbours were right beside each other.
3. Last longer because we were being chauffeured around.
4. Warm up in between neighbourhoods. It was Alberta in October, so that usually meant that there was snow on the ground and that it was pretty cold.

 After awhile my pillow case would get too full for my little arms to carry, so my dad would just swap me with a new one. People would see me at 8:00 and think I just started out and they would give me more candy because of it. We were candy scammers dressed in adorable costumes. Once we were finished, we'd go home and pour out our piles of candy in the living room. We'd eat some and we'd be so tired that we'd have to separate ourselves from our loot and go to bed. The best part of Halloween? Today! The day after Halloween. Our parents let us stay home from school every year, so that we could just sit in the living room behind our piles of candy. We'd do inventory of chocolate bars, chips, candy and crap that we didn't like. We would barter with each other for our favourite treats. I was a big chip eater, so I would end up most likely getting ripped off for a bag of my favourite chips. It was seriously one of the best days of my life, besides Christmas and other obvious days. I was talking to people yesterday at how barbaric my parent's parenting skills were back then. I love them, they were awesome to us at the time. But seriously, we were left with huge piles of candy all day long and we were free to eat what we wanted. Later I would take my pile of candy and transfer it to a dresser drawer. That's right, I would take clothes out of my dresser to replace with my candy. I had candy in my drawer until Easter. How disgusting! But, like I said; it was awesome to us at the time.
 I also heard a really cool idea.. The Switch Witch. For all of you parents and people that plan to be parents, it may intrigue you...
  The Switch Witch comes every Halloween night. She takes your entire pile of candy in exchange for that toy you really want. But the children have to be careful not to eat too much of their candy the night before because if there isn't enough candy for the Switch Witch's present, you won't get it.
 How insanely clever is that!?!?!? I think I'll be using the Ol' Switch Witch on Alina, when the time comes and then I'll keep all of her candy for myself. I have a very hard time throwing left overs after supper out, I wouldn't be able to throw out perfectly good candy!!
 I know Halloween is over and everyone is probably sick of Halloween Posts but I watched Ellen's Halloween episode and I have another video of Andy and Amy going through another haunted house. This haunted house would seriously freak me out much, much worse than the first haunted house that they had to go through. Enjoy. . .

 Here's a quick look at our Halloween last night . . .

  Alina was a cute elephant. She got two pears from her GG for Halloween. Which is just perfect because she loves to devour her some sweet, soft pears!

My little savage pear defEATer.
  We took her to the town bonfire and fireworks after her bedtime. She was a little trooper and only got a little bit upset with her surroundings. The firetruck's lights were flashing, the fireworks were blasting through the air and there was an annoying dog, barking along the entire time. So she was a touch overwhelmed but did really well considering! We had a really successful First Halloween with our baby girl.

  Happy Friday and I'm linking up with Yoga Pants with a song that I love listening to when we're driving.. Rob has it on his playlist and I always crank it up. These two can sure harmonize beautifully. "Barton's Hollow" by the Civil Wars.

The Civil Wars: Barton Hollow by Podcast:Music on Grooveshark


Noor said...

That sounds amazing . Piles of candies sound like pure heaven . I must tell you were lucky !
Witch idea is a great one , I just hope Alina wouldn't dig your blog someday and find out how brainy you were on that !!! Lovely little elephant , love her!!
Your family portrait needs a frame.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, I loved this. Your parents were awesome! It sounds like they loved Halloween as much as any kid! And getting to stay home from school - what a fun tradition. I love hearing about family traditions. Another blogger I read, she would get to stay home every year for the opening game of the family's favorite baseball team.

Melissa said...

I didn't do anything with halloween, had a terrible evening, but yours was fun it seems!

Areeba said...

This much candy? You lucky butt, I never got this much candy, never! Oh look at this lovely little elephant and those vampirey teeth!

Amanda said...

I can't get over how adorable Alina is! I love her in her elephant costume. Ssssooooooooo cute! Xx

Brianna said...

Alina is a super cute elephant for sure! How absolutely precious!

And yes, as a child, sitting behind piles of candy sounds like heaven - amazing! Now, not so much haha.

Looks like y'all had a great Halloween!

Deidre said...

Cute! Sounds like a great halloween. My parents let me keep all my halloween candy in a drawer too. I wasn't really allowed to have too many sweet things, so I hoarded that candy for as long as possible.

Cotton and Boots said...

What an awesome childhood memory! I'm definitely jealous of your day after Halloween.

And the Switch Witch idea? Brilliant. I'm definitely keeping that idea stored for the future!