Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Ouija

 It all started when the oldest of three received a Ouija board for Christmas. No one thought twice about the game, until it was played that evening. The Christmas excitement had cleared. The youngest was sleepy, despite her objections to go to bed. The oldest sister was eager to play her new game and the middle child; the boy, was very reluctant to be involved. He had always sensed strange things but rarely spoke of them. Nothing too obvious, but little dreams when he'd stay at his grandparent's house about people that had long since passed. Or strange noises in the night that he didn't believe were just the soundtrack of a creaky house.
 The game was brand new, freshly unraveled from it's packaging. Candles were lit and the instructions were read. Ask the Ouija board a question and place your finger tips on the planchette and "it" will give you the answer. At first, everyone joked around. The boy pushed it to spell out "Uh-Huh-Huh" like it was channeling Elvis. But, something happened. The planchette moved on its own, with the six fingers hovering over, as before. The mother and her friend were enjoying the show and eventually decided to get involved. The friend was someone they all adored and loved, but the family didn't know her all of their lives. She was a new friend and because of that, they didn't know about her family life. They didn't know that her sister went missing. They didn't know that their friend had always wondered where she went. The friend tested the Ouija board and asked a question that she knew the answer to.  A question about her family life, that the three children wouldn't know anything about. She was shocked when the answer was correct. The children were unnerved but for some reason everyone was intrigued and wanted to continue. After a couple of glasses of wine, the friend got bold and decided to ask the Ouija questions that she wanted answered. The results were shocking and haunting, something the four of them would never speak of. Something that would stay with all of them, that Christmas night.

  The Ouija board claimed to be channeling the great grandmother of the three children. The grandmother of the children's mother. She had passed years before and was known for being a bit naughty. The day of her funeral, one of her granddaughters was talking about her and the handle of a china cabinet hit the back of the granddaughter's chair. Looking at where the china cabinet sat and where the chair was located- made the witnesses believe that the handle would have had to have fallen outwards to hit the chair and then down. A phenomena, really.
 The three children, their mother and this friend had all opened a door that night.. Strange things began to happen after that.

 The three children were up late one weekend, watching movies in the living room when they heard a loud bang from one of the doors closing down the hall. Their parents were both in bed, so they just assumed it was one of them being noisy. The mother entered the living room angry and asked the children why they felt the need to be slamming doors and banging around in the oldest sister's room. The children were confused and instantly unsettled. They had all been watching a movie. The door banging was supposed to be their parents. The mother's face grew pale as she realized that she had revealed to the children that there very well could have been something supernatural in the oldest sister's bedroom.
 Another case was an experience from the youngest and her brother. They were watching t.v. in the evening and a suction ball that was sitting on the top of the book case fell onto the floor. No big deal. But once it fell onto the carpet, it kept rolling at least two feet across the floor. The two children were perturbed and the youngest was mostly intrigued because this was the first thing unusual that she had ever seen with her own two eyes.
 The last case is from the brother. He doesn't like to talk about his experiences because they were too revealing. They were too unheard of to automatically be believed without some convincing on his part. He wasn't about sharing and convincing people of his experiences. He would rather just try to forget them. He was standing in the hallway talking to the youngest and their mother in the living room. They were discussing nothing of much importance but during the conversation the brother's eyes grew wide and he suddenly looked quite frightened. It took some coaxing but the mother finally got the boy to explain what had upset him. He was talking in the hallway and could see someone sitting at the dining room table listening. He assumed it was his step father, listening quietly in the corner. After all, the step father was a quiet man. But when the boy saw the headlights of the family car pull into the driveway with his step father behind the wheel, he realized that the person sitting at the dining room table was not who he had assumed it was. The youngest was very interested by his experience and interrogated the brother for more information. But the brother was finished sharing and had never spoke of it again.

 The family moved from that home. The basement of their new home was eerie. Nothing specifically happened, no paranormal activity was ever discussed at that home. The brother, however was uneasy in the basement because he spent the most time down there. But he rarely if ever spoke of any one situation that had occurred. The youngest sister once played the Ouija board in the basement with some friends and was scolded by the brother immediately after. She lent the board to some friends and then when it was returned to the family, she left it in the garage. Years later, after a family tragedy had occurred, the youngest sister came across the Ouija board again. She was packing the family home for a big move and needed to get rid of anything of no use to the family. She threw the board into a garbage bag without a second thought.

Do you believe in paranormal activity?
Would you believe me if I said I was the youngest in the story?
Have you ever experienced anything unbelievable like this?

Happy Halloween BlogLand.


Amanda said...

That's super creepy..... Has anything happened since? X

Deidre said...

Nothing has ever happened to me, but I don't disbelief. If that makes sense.

Jade Wright said...

This sort of stuff really gives me the creeps.... I love the idea of having posted this on Halloween though! What a great story! My Halloween was spent in a bloody Pathology center!! (pun intended!)

But back to the topic at hand... this story was really incredible but spooky as hell. Were you really the youngest?
Have things gone on since or did it end once it was thrown in the bin!? Follow on! This could be a series story hahaha I'd be super keen to read it :)

Have a wonderful weekend lady!

(No news on that letter yet?? :( )

Keep in touch xx

Areeba said...

Oh Gosh, super creepy! I always think what will I do if something paranormal happens to me, I'll fall down on ground and maybe have a little heart attack!
I don't want to ask but I still want to ask, were you the youngest in this story?

Melissa said...

Scary as shit those things, thanks for your sweet comment, I'll follow your blog! :)

Ps: learning how to sew is difficult for me too.

lincoln parenteau said...

i believe too haley

Haley said...

Linc- Haha, I bet you do, big brother... ;)