Friday, October 18, 2013

He Bites

 Alex from Let Life Be Like Music inspired me with a link up post called; Boys Behind The Blog. The first Thursday of every month a list of questions is posted. Ask your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, etc. the list of questions and then you post the answers on the third Thursday of that month, linking up with everybody. It's a cute idea and I was anxious to join in on the fun.
 I cheated a little bit because there were five sets of questions that I missed out on. So I took one question from each set and had my husband Rob answer those questions.

Blogland, this is my husband Rob. He is not only my hubby, my person, my co-pilot and partner in crime, he's my best friend and the only person I can think of that I want to spend every single day with. He's an absolute genius outside, with tools and in the yard and at work but a total reject in the kitchen with a stove, all thumbs in the bathroom with a toilet brush and a complete and an utter fool with a mop and bucket. (As in; I love him and he is extremely handy and helpful at everything, but when it comes to picking up after himself, being organized or making meals, he is seriously lacking.)

I'll ask Rob the questions with ZERO filter, folks! So no matter what his answers, I'll be posting exactly what he says.. and I think I'll take a page from Alex's book and add my own commentary into the mix!

1.  If you had a blog what would the title be? 
  Rob:  "Rob's Blog" .. no wait, "Bathroom Musings".
 This is why men don't blog. They're just gross...

Yeah, I made him a button.. Just in case.

2.  List three random facts about yourself...
  //1  Rob: " I like to bite things. You know, I grind my teeth a lot.. You know how you want to squeeze Alina when you're holding her sometimes..? It's an animalistic thing. I'm not the only one.."

 Sounds like somebody feels a bit weird about that one. He's trying to make it sound like everyone likes to bite things. I'm sorry, that is not the case Mr. Weirdo Bitey McBitersons. But I can admit to everyone that he does like to bite things. Don't stick your finger by his mouth and expect it not to be bitten.. This all comes from experience... (I warned that we were weird..)

//2.  Rob: "The result of a Maple Leaf's game can make or break my night"

 Yes! This is so true. I find myself willing the Leafs to just WIN so that we can have a happy night. When they lose and believe me- they do, he gets all down and disappointed AND mad. It's annoying and luckily this year (so far!) they have been winning more than losing. But their starting goalie just got rocked yesterday by his own player and I believe he has a concussion so he may be out for awhile. See how much I have to care about a hockey team I don't even cheer for? (Side Note: I DO cheer for them now because they are always on my t.v. But I will always be an Edmonton Oiler's fan at heart.)

//3  Rob: " I really enjoyed the t.v. show, "Traffic Light" and was very upset when it was cancelled after only five episodes."

 Hey, we said random.. I agree with this one. I also enjoyed that show and thought that it was going to be part of our new show line up last year.

3.  Who is your celebrity crush? 
 Rob: "Minka Kelly in my dreams and Natasha Staniszewski on a daily basis... wait, say day to day. On a daily basis sounds like I masturbate to her everyday..."

 Hahahahahaha! Oh, I really enjoyed that answer. Then I told him that I was writing what he said word for word and he thought that was pretty hilarious too. He has a serious crush on Natasha which kind of bugs me more than his crush on Minka. Minka is a hot celebrity that is far, far away. Natasha works at Sports Center and she is cool. She knows her sports, her hockey and I think the two of them would hit it off big time if they met. Natasha is certainly more of a threat to me.. So, I hate her.

4.  What is your favourite social media? 
  Rob: "Twitter On The Shitter."

  I feel like I need to explain this one. Every time that Rob has to 'go' he is always searching for his phone. He once referred to this bathroom time with his phone as, "Twitter On The Shitter." Now, whenever he is looking for his phone I just say, "Twitter On The Shitter." Yeah, we keep it classy over here.

(That last one is a conversation between my brother in law and my husband about the NHL lock out last year... Dink toucher? I am telling you, boys are just gross! Imagine if I started calling my girlfriends; Hey ya dink toucher, how's it going!?" Actually.. I should, that would be hilarious!)

5.     Who is your favourite hockey team? 

 To be honest, I didn't even ask him this question. It was more of a given.. and I knew that I had a ton of pictures of him in his Leaf's jersey over the years so I used this question. (The actual question was who his favourite football team is. But in Canada we don't really care too much about football. Canada's hockey is like America's football.)

I'm making this collage a bit big and obnoxious, just so it's easier to see the small pictures.. Rob has been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan since he was a kid. He has been religiously cheering them on since he can remember. They haven't had a very good run in the last oh.. ten years, so it just goes to show how dedicated he really is. We live in B.C. and we're surrounded by Vancouver Canucks fans. We hate the Canucks with a passion, so it is very hard for us to be here with all of 'their fans' around us. We do what we can to represent our teams, in our own small ways. The baby boy in the pictures is my nephew Quinn, when he lived here. My brother in law Joe is the other guy in the pictures. (You know, the one that referred to my husband as the 'dink toucher'..) I swear Rob was more excited to have a baby so that he could dress her in Leaf's paraphernalia. It's pretty cute though.

 I really enjoyed this link up! Go visit Mallory at Mal Smiles and Stephanie at Never The Same Spice Twice to link up with "Boys Behind The Blog" next month!

Boys Behind The Blog

Oh and it's Friday! Linking up with Yoga Pants today with a great new band that Rob introduced me to; Imagine Dragons. Their song "Radioactive" was an opening song for one of the Boston- Toronto play-off games last year and ever since, he's been hooked. These guys are really great and one song he's been singing a lot in the house lately is "Hear Me". I hope it gets stuck in your heads too! Happy Friday everybody!

Hear Me by Imagine Dragons on Grooveshark

I just read the requirements for linking up with Sarah at Venus Trapped In Mars for her Fan Friday Link-Up and I am SO eligible with this post just because I talked about hockey several times, celebrities, hot Natasha from Sports Center, Rob's hatred towards Gary Bettman and I created my husband's button to his fake-imaginary blog. So basically I am Sarah..

Venus Trapped in Mars


Alex[andra] said...

I love that you decided to take a question from past link-ups!

The pictures made this post 1000x better. And I really liked the post!

I think his blog title is hilarious and if he had a blog, it would be hilarious as well!

Andrew bites too! I don't know why! He LOVES to bite me (he also loves to bite his nails which disgusts me) so I understand you!

For the record (in regards to his tweet), I find that hand sanitizer does work on feet. :p

Amanda said...

What?! How do you and Alex both have men who bite? What weirdos! I do however, love the collage of Rob biting things so I suppose I am glad that he does.

i love the button that you made for Rob's "blog" that blog would be hilarious and I would definitely read it. in fact, maybe you should encourage Rob to start blogging.

In all seriousness though; why do most bloggers seem to be women? x

Areeba said...

Oh Gosh, the blog name cracked me up (1000 points fo that) I loooove these identical shirts (You lovely little family!)
You know what, I'm impressed by the name you gave to him, Mr. Weirdo Bitey McBitersons! Genius!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh Haley - you had me laughing out loud!! Loved every single word.!! A Great Post - once again

Noor said...

How happy I am that you finally made a post with Rob . Warn me already if I would ask for a post from Alina . Hah!
You know , I wanted mom to convince dad to play this boy behind the blog . I am at zero success because dad :
doesn't play/watch ANY sport .
I love hockey so much . But more , I like cricket . Football is hard to understand so I just stray away .
PS : Tell Rob if he ever starts a blog , I'll the first reader.

Haley said...

Haha, thank you. It was so funny because my Rob had something to do with it. I live every day of my life laughing because he's such a total goof.

Deidre said...

Aw this is such a great idea to find the answers to the guys behind the blog. Love it! I don't think Inspector Climate's answers would be nearly as fun!

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

HAHAAA this is SO AWESOME!!!! I couldn't agree more, the outcome of your team's game can really make or break your night. Luckily for me this week, my night was made! I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for linking up!! :)

Susannah said...

Haha. These are awesome. I love that you took a question from each month - just to mix it up. And I personally love the idea of a blog called "Rob's Blog" I feel like it just has a really cool ring to it.

The Babbling Box said...

I love that you get jealous over Natasha! Okay, love seems like the wrong feeling, I completely relate. The mister has a thing for the girl from mythbusters and for some reason she just seems so much more attainable then a typical movie or tv star.