Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Celebrity Fantasies

 I was supposed to write yesterday, but failed to do so... Miss Alina is turning seven months old next week, so she is changing with every passing day. She is much busier as of lately. I remember when she was a freshy and I would watch episode, after episode of True Blood. She is still a good girl and keeps herself entertained but she loses interest in what she's doing a little sooner than she used to. Her naps have also changed. She used to sleep at least an hour when she napped. Now she could sleep anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours. She rarely sleeps a full two hours, but when she does it is heaven!! I can get so much done in two hours!

Alina in the big weight scale at Public Health. Weighing in at a whopping 17 lbs 8 oz.

 I ended up chopping up tomatoes, peppers, jalapeno and onion to make homemade salsa.. I was worried that I over spiced it. According to Rob it is the best salsa he's ever had. I believe ten minutes after he tried it, he yelled from the living room while watching the hockey game, "Oh man! I keep thinking about that salsa.. I'm gay for it!" (Of course in a non- offensive way!!)

Yeah, I'm excited to be making salsa ..
 I also picked pears from my pear tree. (Yes, I have a pear tree! You know, like the one in the Christmas song!) I put the pears in a brown bag for a few days, to soften them up. I peeled and pureed the pears into a delicious, FREE baby food for Alina. She loves eating everything, but she is always a big fan of the fruit we feed her. I love making her baby food myself. It's so much easier than I had expected it to be.

 A-N-Y-ways! I decided that today I would list off some fantasies.. Oh yes, that's right.. this is a chance to get in my head.. Well, a chance to get in my head and learn my true fantasies that include everything celebrity..!

Jennifer Lopez, I know, I know.. J. Lo. She was a bit too much in the early 2000's with her bad acting gigs, her busty cleavage, her bad relationships and of course, her big booty. Butt But, I have a secret.. Well, it's not really much of a secret. I'll pretty much share this with anyone if it comes up.. I have a serious crush on her! She's beautiful. When she judged on American Idol I tuned in just to see what J.Lo was going to be wearing, how her make up would be done and how pretty and silky her hair looked. She is seriously so stunning. I can't get over how one individual could be granted that many gorgeous qualities...

Pretty with a serious face..

Pretty with a smile.

I have a HUGE crush on these two man celebs.. I've loved them both for quite some time... If they are acting onscreen, then I am watching with my tongue wagging.
 Milo Ventimiglia has this bad boy quality about him, that makes me crazy. I have seriously had numerous dreams about being relationships with this man. It all started, years and years ago on a little show called Gilmore Girls. He played Jess, Rory's bad boy boyfriend.. and it was love at first sight. Ever since then, I have always been a big fan. He also stars in Fergie's "Big Girl's Don't Cry" video and I was like, "Look at those tattoos!! Hubba hubba!" (And yes, when I am talking about Milo Ventimiglia- hubba hubba comments are allowed. Then and ONLY then..)

 For your eye candy viewing pleasure.... 

 I also have a big crush on Timothy Olyphant. Strange name, yes. But once you see who it is... you will probably agree, that he too, is pretty gorgeous! I fell for him when I first saw the 90's movie "Go".  He plays a creep, but that didn't bother me! Him and Jennifer Garner star in "Catch and Release" too!  SUCH A GREAT chick flick. Seriously, if you haven't seen it... go watch it!

 I recently answered a question; if I could choose a celeb to be my best friend, who would it be? I have a few people that I would love to be my pals in the celebrity world..

Zooey Deschanel is my first choice. She's quirky, funny and most importantly- nice! She seems very normal, for being a celebrity and having a lot of celebrity family members.

 Next I would want to be friends with Drew Barrymore. She seems so down to earth, friendly and cool..! That's right, if I was friends with Zooey I would have my dorky, quirky friend. I would need my cool pal that I looked up to.. I think Drew could fill that spot. Plus, she looks like she knows how to have a good time!

 And finally, everyone needs a friend that is like your mom, but not your mom. A friend that has lived life, knows from experience and is great for giving advice. I think Lauren Graham fits perfectly in this category. I've watched her on Ellen the last couple of times she's been on and she is awkwardly funny too.

 Aaaand if i could have any celebrity baby for my own.. I would choose.....

Uhh... none of them! I already have my baby.. and she is waaaaay better than any celebrity baby out there..

Daddy decided to snap 50 shots of Alina on the couch while she watched the hockey game.. Aaaand she was more than willing to model for us...


Noor said...

Woah, Alina's growing up too fast . Or it's only me who says it?
I definitely love J.Lo . BHer song On the floor is still our favourite party jam with Laaa la lalala tunes . But if I could meet any celebrity , it would be Channing Tatum or Miley Cyrus . You know , Miley needs a friend to tell her something good and I can do anything to make her right.

Amanda said...

I want to steal Alina. Or if I lived nearby I could babysit her while you and Rob went out on a grownups only date. I love all your celebtrity crushes but I especially love Zooey D. x

Jade Wright said...

AHHHH I loooooved this post!!!! So much fun!! You must have had an absolute BALL writing this and I must say that the last bit about Alina was the absolute perfect ending - left me smiling! :)

Zooey Deschanel... she is awesome! not that i know her firts hand or anything like that... hahaha but I would choose her! <3

Helene in Between said...

i'm obssessed with zooey. i just think she is cute and kind all wrapped up into one.