Monday, October 28, 2013

Remember When..

  It's funny how certain objects can make my heart skip a beat at just the sight of them.. Like a favourite toy that I used to play with, that I haven't seen in years. Sometimes I get into nostalgic moods and start googling things that make my heart go boom. Once I get started, I can't really stop.. Soon I'm no longer looking up old toys, but t.v. shows that I used to watch as a kid, then I'm looking up whole episodes of these shows and their intro's. I've tried not to get too out of control with my findings, but I've compiled a little list to share...

//1  Garbage Pail Kids-

 You could buy these from any convenient store in the nineties. I would spend all of my allowance on these garbage bags of candy and a toy. I don't really remember the trading cards. I think in the mid to late eighties the trading cards and t.v. show were really popular. There are another series of toys that my brother collected but I specifically remember the colourful toys, pictured above. I had every one of those toys and played with them often. The Garbage Pail Kids were revolting and just plain gross, but for some reason I was obsessed. I think it has to do with the idea of collecting as many as you can and that exciting feel you get when you purchase your sixth garbage bag in hopes of getting the toy you don't have yet. When I remembered these toys I squealed with delight because I knew I'd be able to look them up and have a flourish of memories fill my mind once I saw my old toys again!

//2  The Disney Movie Viewer

 My grandparents had one of these. I ended up looking into all of the the 'movies' that we watched on this toy. I still remember them vividly because I loved playing in their toy trunk. There's nothing better than someone else's toys growing up. I bet everyone remembers a specific time when they played at someone's house and loved the toys that they played with and didn't have.

  I specifically remember these two 'movies' that my grandparents had that went along with the movie viewer. This collage alone, holds a lot of memories for me..! I love childhood memories, they make my heart swell with warmth. To be a kid again!

//3  Chip and Dale - old school, when they first started out with Mickey Mouse. But then they got their own spin off ; Chip and Dale; Rescue Rangers. I loved that show and had a book that I specifically remember to this day. I don't have the book anymore, but I love the bright colours and shiny pages in this book.

 I loved the Christmas episode with Chip and Dale when Mickey and Pluto cut down the tree that they live in. I also always loved Gadget on the Rescue Rangers. She was all bad ass and good at getting the boys out of messy situations. Mouse Girl Power! (Speaking of "remember whens.." remember The Spice Girls and "Girl Power"?)

//4  I may be dating myself quite a bit, but I just loved these shows as a little kid. Not everyone remembers them. I asked Rob about some of them and he doesn't really remember many from my first collage and we're only fourteen months apart in age. I suppose it all depends on what you watched growing up and what really stays with you as an adult.

  I feel like I'm the only person that ever watched "Zoobilee Zoo" because everyone I've asked claims to have never heard of this show. The fox used to scare me because of his makeup. To be honest, all of them were kind of creepy but I loved it anyways. Pooh's Corner was runner up for my next favourite show when I was little. It just brings back so many memories, the stories and the songs that went along with each episode. I loved it. Are any of these t.v. shows a mystery to you?

//5  Obviously we all have our favourite Disney movies and our all time favourite kid's movies. But this movie was one of my favourites and the difference between this movie and say, "The Land Before Time" (the original, also a favourite of mine) is that it's a movie I haven't seen that often. So the very thought of it gives me "childhood excitement butterflies".

//6  I loved the Goofy "How To" videos that old school Disney used to show. I remembered some of my favourites and then it lead me to remember Jiminy Cricket's "I'm No Fool" episodes. The "I'm No Fool" theme song has been stuck in my head ever since I heard it the other day. Take a look if you want to walk down memory lane with me...

 I left out a lot of favourites of mine; Polly Pocket, Barbie Fold In Fun House, Little House on the Prairie, The Wonder Years, Fern Gully and Dennis the Menace to name a few.. But the idea of today's post wasn't to share all of my favourites growing up, but to share all of those things that get me excited again, like when I was a kid. I loved looking up all of the t.v. shows, movies and toys that excite me and link me to some really special memories.

What childhood memories give you "childhood excitement butterflies"?!


Susannah said...

Awww... Thanks for this little trip down memory lane!

Deidre said...

We didn't have cable or any fancy stations growing up, so I could only watch Winnie the Pooh at my grandmother's house. And I used to wake up early in the morning and go crawl into bed with her and then we'd watch cartoons while my grandfather snored next to us.

Helene in Between said...

ohh i love a good nostalgia post! i loved brace little toaster! one of my favorite movies ever.

Noor said...

Awww I am literally left nostalgic . Those movie viewers are SO in my mind . Disney and stuff , man I don't wanna grow up .
I think disney got more advance when I was in preteen so I might know more about hannah montana and jonas bros . But it all feels a HISTORY now.

Amanda said...

I hated the land before time because I thought it was the saddest movie ever. I still cry when I see it. The same with the brave little toaster.... X

Laura Darling said...

I loved Zoobilee Zoo when I was little!