Friday, October 04, 2013

My Firsts

 I recently saw a post on Steph's blog; Insert Classy Here... It's a great idea for a  Friday post.. that involves no creative thinking on my part, whatsoever.

1. My First Tweet:

 I'm not really sure if this was officially my first tweet. But, when I first joined Twitter I deleted some of my tweets before I really understood how Twitter worked... Yeah, I did a hashtag for boots....


2. My first blog post:

   "Day One" (ooh clever title..!)  I just read it and it is pretty sad. Not in terms of  "Wah, I'm crying-sad" but more like "pathetic-sad". But that's okay, because it was my first and I had no idea what I was doing.. It was written on April 20, 2005. I was twenty years old. Holy hell.. I have come a long, long way. (In life and in blogging.)

Look- the first and last shortest blog post I ever wrote...!

3. First blog you subscribed to:

 I took a break from writing in my blog and have recently returned this past June. BlogLand has changed tremendously since I've come back full time. I wasn't even sure how to go about looking for blogs. I would just search "Top Blogs" and the results weren't what I was looking for. Finally, I think I just typed the word blog in Google Search and Bloglovin' popped up. That was the moment when I became addicted to reading blogs again. I searched within Bloglovin' and I found Sarah's post from Venus Trapped In Mars. It was "9 Things No One Tells You When You Start A Blog" and it caught my eye because I was starting out my blog again. I read her tips and took a few of them to keep in my back pocket to refer to from time to time. While I was on Sarah's blog I saw some other individuals on her sidebar and just automatically started following them. Some didn't make the cut in the end, but I still read at least three of them to this day, every day... So these two are literally the very first of the firsts that I started following..

Venus Trapped in Mars

Helene in Between

4. First Facebook profile picture:

 Well this is funny... There are a few things going on in this picture.. First of all my eyes are closed, so automatically people know that I am most likely drunk in the picture. Second, my top looks like it's having a really hard time supporting my boobies, that appear to be loosely existing inside. (No bra to the bar.. she must be a 20 year old..) Third... and the most obvious- that is a beer DUCK TAPED to my hand, yes... I remember this story well.. Rob's friends were visiting for the first time from Ontario. We all went to the city to a bar and got pretty drunk. (Clearly.) I ended up playing the tambourine along with the band and they were cool with it. Then immediately after playing, I put the tambourine in my purse. Rob, luckily saw what I had done and took it out, scolding me. (Thank you Rob.) I may or may not have a slight stealing problem when I get drunk and am at bars. I will take things that are not mine. Not items from people, but most definitely items from the bar. Let's just say we had a lot of pub glasses and pitchers in our early twenties. Rob's friend Parker decided to tape my beer to my hand and well, I let him... Steph might not have anything on this girl..

Insert Classy here.

5. Do you still talk to your first love?

 Short answer; no, most definitely not. Things ended pretty badly. Like, really badly. I will say, that we spoke six years ago when I returned home for a visit. We were nice to one another and respectfully said we were happy for the other and our new lives. So, that was good. I think I'll just leave it at that.

I blurred out the picture because it gives you an idea of who he was. Anonymity is best.
6. First alcoholic drink?

 Most likely wine at Grandma and Grandpa's at Christmas dinner. It was sick, but I was classy even as a young child and drank it really fast just because my parents told me not to. Or, my mom used to pour a little amount of Bailey's into a glass of ice and fill it with milk at Christmas time for me, so that I felt special.

7. First job:

 Safeway - I worked in the deli department when I was fifteen. I remember my first day I was left alone from 7pm to 9pm. The girl that was training me had to be somewhere and left me to close. I was so terrified that I ended up making the lady closing the grocery store stay until 10pm because I didn't know how to clean the chicken pans. (There was a dishwasher that I didn't know how to use, so instead I cleaned the dishes by hand.)

That is literally the store I worked at. I googled it..! Got to love the internet!
8. First car:

 That, is a tough one for me to remember.. I did have a car for one month before the transmission blew on it. It was a Honda Accord, something like an '87.. Every time I got into it it wreaked of gas fumes. Another classy item to add to my "firsts"..

Not my actual car, but it looked exactly like this.. but more of a maroon colour. The lights flipped up, which I thought was pretty bad ass at the time!
My first car that actually ran for more than a month! My Sunfire, "Bunny".

9. First person to text me today:

 Honestly, no one has texted me this morning, just yet. I'll check and see who texted me last..
 So I sent my step mom a picture text of Alina pulling on my Fender.. (The Fender was my dad's and I got it when he passed away.) 

 Me: "Papa would have been proud."

Shelley: "Yes, true that. Thank you."

 10. First person you thought of this morning:

 Alina- she is always on my mind. It sounds so sweet of me, but really it's because she's in the baby monitor right beside me. She makes noise, I wake up and turn the monitor on to see what the little bugger is up to...

My fav. Alina picture to date. I call it, "Huh?"
11. First grade teacher:

 Mrs. Thorburn. She wasn't great, if I'm being honest. She looked a little bit like a witch. She had two sons. One was just a year older than me. I didn't realize that teachers had lives outside of school, so this was very confusing to me..

12. Where did you go on your first airplane ride?

 My first airplane ride was to Lafayette, Louisiana with my sister. We went to visit my cousins and aunt and uncle that were living there. On that trip, we went on a southern road trip to Disney World. It was one of my most memorable trips of my life. I was twelve, turning thirteen.

Right before the plane ride.. It was early and I was so nervous.

  13. First best friend:

 Becky E. She was a year younger than me and our moms used to take turns babysitting us during the week. I loved going to Becky's because she had a basement full of toys. Her bedroom was big (to me) and again, it was all about her toys! I have since reconnected with Becky on Facebook. I don't think she remembers me quite as well as I do her though.

Becky, in our Radio Flyer Wagon.

14. Where was your first sleepover?

 I don't really remember my first sleepover. I do remember going to a slumber party to a family friend's. Our moms were friends and Kyla was older than me and went to a different school. I think her mom made her invite me because I was the only other (younger) friend that she invited.. Pity invite.. but I took it and proudly! My mom even let me get new pajamas for it. It was a soft nighty with Jasmine from "Alladin" on it. I'm assuming that was my first big sleepover because I got special jammies.

So pretty when she's mad.

 15. First thing you did this morning:

 I got out of going to the fire hall to run.. My husband is a volunteer firefighter and we have access to the gym there. I have been running all week first thing in the morning. This morning I hinted that I didn't want to go and he bargained with me, that if I wanted to skip it I could make him breakfast instead. So, I made him eggs and toast and got a lesson on electricity. No joke, he's an electrician and I have no idea how the topic of how many watts are in an amp came up but it happened. Then he had me calculate something to do with an oven with 3000 watts .. blah, blah. I finally said; " I should have gone running! It's too early for this kind of thinking!"

My head just exploded looking at this...
16. First concert:

 Avril Lavigne with my sister in Victoria! It was seven years ago..! We had a really great time that night. Kyli was working for Harbour Air Seaplanes at the time and we got box seats through her work! So there was food and FREE booze. It was probably my best concert experience to date. VIP!!! Afterwards, Kyli got so drunk that she 'went to bed' as soon as we got back to her apartment. Then her now husband Joe took me out to my first "Irish Times" experience. I won a goofy dancing competition against some other girl and got an Irish Times shirt. One of my favourite nights with just my brother in law.. no, like the only night I just partied with my bro Joe.

17. First broken bone:

 I have never broken a bone before! (Knock on wood!) But I have torn the ligaments in my ankle a few times. It's one of those injuries that keeps happening. The first time I did it was when I was in grade ten in gym class. We were outside playing lacrosse. I was trying to show off against one of the athletic girls in my class and out of nowhere, my ankle gave out and down I went. I recently did it on the day of my dad's funeral. Worst. Day. Ever. I was walking down the steps and crunch I fell again and landed on my ankle on the cement. Rob and I had to travel home the following day and needless to say, it was a tough trip until I finally purchased crutches.

The drive home.. sitting for all of the scenic pictures.. with my gimped ankle.

18. First piercing:

 I had my ears pierced when I was five. It was my decision to do it and my older siblings both wanted their ears pierced as well. So we all went together. I had my nose pierced for a week. I was fifteen, visiting my cousins in Lafayette and my mom had to fax over the permission slip with her consent to have it done. I used the last amount of American money that I saved for the trip to pay for it. As soon as I got home to Canada, I decided to take it out, just to see what it looked like. Yeah, I couldn't get it back in. I was hysterical, I was so upset. None of my girlfriends had seen it in and I was so excited to show it off. I guess I wasn't meant to have the nose scar.. (Thank you self.)

19. First foreign country you visited:

 The U. S. of A. - Lafayette, Louisiana in 1998. It was the Disney World trip with my cousins and family. We had an incredible time. I haven't been to many other places yet, but I find in my experience that southern hospitality is the best. I love southern folks. Everyone is so welcoming AND the food is ridiculous!

20. First movie you remember seeing:

 I remember seeing a lot of movies. I remember going to a movie by myself, with a friend when I was going into grade three. I was so excited to get a phone call from a friend and then she invited me to go to the movies with her and her mom. It was the movie, "North" with Elijah Wood. I actually saw it on t.v. the other day and snuck a peak at it. It's not great!

21. First detention:

 I didn't really get detention. I think I had to stay inside for recess once in grade one for talking during announcements. I can't remember who I was talking to, but we had to write lines during the entire fifteen minute break. I was such a goody good, it killed me.

22. First roommate:

 That would be my husband, Rob. Best roommate ever. To this day.. although, he is a boy and his farts stink and he doesn't know how to pick up after himself all of the time. I still love him and wouldn't ask for anybody else to be my forever roommate.

 23. First sport you were involved in:

 Baseball! Up until last year, when I was pregnant I played ball. I love playing ball because it's one of those sports that I'm actually good at! That's right.. I bragged!



24. First thing you do when you get home:

 Since I've been off of maternity leave the answer has changed. I think when I was working, the first thing I did when I got home was take off my work clothes and get into something more comfortable and something that has nothing to do with work!

25. When was your first kiss?

 I was in grade nine and it was with my first boyfriend, Derrick. He was in grade ten and we were on our first date. He paid his older sister to pick me up and take us to the movie store so that we could rent a movie. I still remember that we rented, Deuce Bigalow- Male Gigolo and he held my hand the entire time. He had the sweatiest hands ever and when he finally let go, my hand looked like I had been sitting in a bath for an hour. The kiss, oh it was soooooo bad. I think our teeth hit. Blech.

Nothing sets the mood like this movie...!
 That was a long one!! If you need a post idea, this is always a great one! Thanks for reading along with me!


Amanda said...

I LOVE this post idea! i think it's amazing. I was cracking up for most of it! x

Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

How fun to read and I cannot believe you remember all that, I would have a hard time!

Noor said...

Oh eeeem geee! LOVED reading it all . I may have to wait like 4 more years to write it all . But I can tell you the first car I drove (quite illegally) , a Honda civic of my dad and I am still in love with it . Sleek design , oh my.

Areeba said...

I never dare to look at the first picture I uploaded to my facebook profile!! Oh Gosh, my first teacher was so strict like severus snape but I'm sure she had no love story like him!
PS: Look at your little girl, she is extremely attracted towards music!

Steph G said...

That profile picture is fantastic. Trust me, if it asked for my 3rd, 4th and 5th, they would have been worse than the toilet plunger :)