Thursday, October 10, 2013

"You Will Always Belong"

 A couple of weeks ago, I was watching Ellen (surprise, surprise!) and she had Jim Carrey on, talking about a new children's book that he wrote. He explained what the book was about and I fell in love with the idea behind it instantly. I did something I never do and went online and ordered "How Roland Rolls" on Amazon right away. 
 Sometimes when a book is purchased blindly like this, it is difficult to know what you're going to get. I trusted by Carrey's description of the book, that it was going to be worth ordering.
 Rob was out front sharpening a tool of some kind the other day and I opened the front door to ask him something and in between the door and our screen was a book shaped package from Amazon! Even though I ordered it and knew what it was, I was still excited to open it!
 Alina was napping and I read it to myself right away. I instantly fell for this story...

It arrived and I was sooo happy!
  It's really quite a special little tale of a wave that realizes that he belongs in this big world. (His ocean.)

 The story rhymes throughout which I wouldn't have even cared about before I had Alina. But I noticed that she listens to the stories that rhyme much more than the ones that don't. So it is important for the words to flow nicely together and these ones really did. I read it to her this morning and she had a big grin on her face the entire time. I wish that Rob would have been home to snap pictures of her reactions to the story because they were really priceless.
 I also love reading a story with a message and this one certainly has one... Alina can enjoy it now, at seven months old and later on when she's old enough to understand the words. I really look forward to when that time comes too.
 As someone that writes, I always try to end any of my pieces of written work with a good ending.. I always feel really good about reading a book that has a great last sentence that somehow manages to end the story completely. It's really difficult to do, but I think with great thought and care put into it, it can be accomplished. Again, "How Roland Rolls" ends so well.

What a perfect ending, to a perfectly written story, by Jim Carrey.
 The book technically belongs to Alina, but until she can handle her nice books gently, I'll have to monitor how many pages she crinkles, or how many corners she chews. I think she'll appreciate how I take care of her books now so that she can enjoy the stories and books when she is a bit older...

Very into the book.. as you can see.

Aaaaand- she likes it..!

" A great message, a good read and some bonding time spent together, just mommy and me."
 -Alina J. from QB Baby Times.


Amanda Massie said...

Omg how cute is the theme of that book! I definitely need to go grab one for my cousin. I love underlying meanings like that! Hope you will stop by and enter my $50 Nordstrom gift card giveaway!

Xo, Amanda

Noor said...

It sounds great book to me . The description is much like a wuote , for not being afraid to do anything. Being yourself. I might have not talked about inspirations but I am always wonderstrucked by the words and reads and alllll messages. Alina seems to enjoy it throughout, hope it doesn't tastse bad while chewing (

Areeba said...

Oh this is super inspiring! I like the concept so much, honestly I never read any story of a little wave :) Alina is super lucky to have such mama who takes care of her precious book stuff!!