Friday, October 25, 2013

Sick Day

 I read some blogs yesterday morning and felt sorry for myself for bit. I was up a lot during the night, plugging Alina's soother in. Her button nose started dripping heavily a half hour before her bedtime and the realization kicked in, that she had a cold. I felt pretty tired yesterday morning and then my girl decided to wake up an hour earlier than usual. Once she was up, fed and back down for a nap, I decided to jump in the shower quickly. As soon as the shampoo was in my hair she started crying again. I raced through the motions; shampoo, rinse, condition, barely rinse and I was out. I dried as quickly as I could, pulling on clothes that were sticking to my wet body. Suddenly, Alina decided she didn't need me as urgently as she thought because she fell back asleep. S-I-G-H. . .
 So I looked over some blogs and read about a girlie getting up slow, with a cup of coffee and a cute puppy by her side, a blogger reminiscing about a holiday spent eating delicious food and surrounding herself with great weather and history and a young lady that went to a clothing store; bought a bunch of wonderful items for herself and had to ditch looking at the rest of the clothes, to avoid spending another penny. So, after reading I looked down at my ensemble and saw my favourite casual long sleeve shirt from Costco, my dad's pair of Oscar Meyer Weiner p.j. pants and my comfy mocassins on my feet. I like to call it my "Tired Mom Uniform".

  Normally I get up, shower, put on make up and real clothes. Yesterday, I sort of felt like it was my sick day too. Alina and I spent the day, hanging out in our living room. She played with her toys for a bit, but eventually, she couldn't find the strength to keep her head up. So I plucked her out of 'her office' and sat her down beside me. I ended up having to dab at her poor little honker constantly while she played and drooled. She wasn't as busy as she usually is, so it was nice for the two of us to sit quietly together and play nice.
 I snapped a few pictures of her to show how sick she looked. Then, near the end of  her "I'm Sick Photo Shoot" she perked up and returned to her smiling self.

1. My poor girl looking very, very sad early this morning.
2. Oh, enough sad- Alina is not known for being unhappy!
3. Making sure to have lots of fluid in her body- such a good girl.
4. In the evening, playing with her new blocks from Baba. Still sick, but very happy.

  I love being Alina's mom but sometimes it gets tiresome and that's okay. I can admit that and not feel like a bad person. I love my baby girl- every snotty inch of her! I did enjoy our one on one couch-play time today. Plus when she's sick, she cuddles me more and I will always be up for mommy-daughter snuggles.

 Before I know it, Alina will be a teenager that is too busy and into her own life to have time to sit and snuggle her mama on the couch. I'll take all I can get now, while she's still my little baby.

 One of my all time favourite bands is The Tragically Hip. I love so many of their songs but for some reason I am in the mood to listen to this little tune called, "The Last Recluse".

The Last Recluse by The Tragically Hip on Grooveshark


Amanda said...

it's true- embrace the snuggles while they last! I was a really weird kid and after the age of 6 thought it made me a "baby" to snuggle with my parents so I wouldn't let them! (What a dick! I must have been horrible!) Everyone around me has a terrible cold, so I'm praying that I don't catch it to. But it is inevitable- Sam has been sneezing all over the room- I am doomed!

Even though it's sad Alina is sick, her face in that first photo says "I'm sick, pity me" and it's pretty precious! x

Ali said...

I love the honesty of this post! It is so hard being a mommy! Say that out into the universe though and people say all kinds of hurtful things. :(

Sadly, it's that time of the year for sickness! My youngest daughter and I are both fighting off colds.

Noor said...

I truly understand the term of "momma uniform" . Though I still think you're glamorous (wink).
Flu is so annoying. I'm feeling so bad for little Alina, hope she gets better. #1 snap is precious. .

Haley said...

Thanks for the moral support Ali! Being a sick baby isn't easy, but being that baby's mommy is even tougher. That's a big reason why we get sick too; we're so run down from taking care of baby!

Areeba said...

Aww the #1 picture of Alina just melted my heart, she is famous for being a happy kiddo & she'll be well soon! :)
Your mummy uniform reminds me of my own aunt, she just gave birth to a little boy & she is seen in her hubby's loose pants everyday!