Sunday, October 06, 2013

Show n' Tell

 Today is Sunday and what a perfect day to play Show n' Tell with my 'readers'. My mom isn't very computer savvy or technology savvy at all in the very least. It's a common thing with her generation. At least when I was in school computers were around. We didn't have internet until I was in high school and even then, it was pretty finicky and very, very slllloooooow. But, because the computers were around, I was familiar with them and didn't feel intimidated by the new technology. She is learning how to use her online banking, to leave messages on her Facebook and to take pictures with or without her flash. (Well, I think the camera one is a bit of stretch.. But I'm sure if she wanted to, she could figure out how to turn her flash off.) She's a work in progress, but I'm proud of her because she is trying. That, is all that really matters to me these days.
 Anyway, she asked me to get a couple of pictures developed from my sister's visit this last August. I took her camera home with me and put her memory chip on my computer. I found pictures from my sister's wedding in 2008! She still had them on her camera, with so many others in between. My cousin's wedding, her two visits to Nova Scotia to see Quinn and then her second visit to meet her grand baby Sophie when she was born in 2011. She has numerous pictures of me pregnant with Alina and then the best part, for me anyways, newborn pictures of Miss Alina straight from the hospital. I felt compelled to share a picture on my blog from each event that my mom had on her camera. I think her camera dates back to 2007..!
 I saw her today and I asked her if she ever put her pictures on her computer, so that she could erase them off of her camera. Short answer; nope.

Sunday's Show N' Tell with Haley and her Mom's Camera:

Us girls before Ky's wedding- probably a few weekends before..!

Ky's wedding- us with our peeps.

Goofing around at my cousin's wedding.

Miss Napkin Head misbehaving before the reception..

Ky, pregnant with her first...Quinn.
 Then there was a period of time when my mom moved back to Alberta. So she didn't have any newborn pictures of Quinn or any pictures for quite some time. She took a couple of trips to Nova Scotia once my sister moved to the East Coast in 2010.

Quinn- Visit 1
Quinn- Visit 2
Meeting Sophie

I'm assuming that was my 9th month with Peanut in there..

Then Peanut turned into Alina! Fresh outta the oven in this picture!

Waiting at the airport in August, for my sister and her family..

The kids!!

Alina and Baba on Baba's 'birthday'..

This is A's set up at Baba's.. She is very comfy on her chair, legs crossed and everything..

 Then, if this wasn't enough 'sharing' of pictures today.. I had an idea when my mom said she was coming by this morning. Her friend Gayle, is visiting from Alberta this week. Mom was Gayle's maid of honour at her wedding, Gayle is my sister's Godmother. Life got in the way and Mom and Gayle didn't see or speak to each other for many, many years. My dad's passing actually brought the two of them back together in 2010. I'm so happy to see that they are at their old friendship again.. Right before they came over, I looked through my baby book and found a couple of pictures of Gayle holding me when I was a baby. I showed them the pictures and they thought that was pretty special. But then once Gayle held Alina I decided to snap a few pictures.. Now, I have Gayle holding me in 1985 and today, holding my daughter in 2013. I love how time is always ticking, but we somehow maintain those special friendships, those close relationships with our best of friends..
 Gayle is by far the best friend my mom could ever ask for. She's honest and always herself. Mom and her have a cute friendship because they can tease the hell out of the other and they don't get offended. My mom is a very sensitive person but when it comes to her buddy, Gayle.. she isn't. I love that Gayle brings out the spice in my mom. I think it's because they've been friends for over thirty years.

Gayle and I - 1985
Us girls- 2013
Us- 1985
Gayle with my girl- 2013
 Life is a pretty incredible thing... It is pictures likes these, that help me realize that..


Noor said...

Awww so sweet to see all these pictures Haley . I love going through old photos , it's quite like a treasury . The photos from your sister's wedding tells how the things are changed for you guys .
Your mum's friend reminded me of my god mother who's already away and we haven't seen her in ages . Hope we'll meet someday by now :)
PS : Alina's cross legged style indicates a SWAG !!!!!!!!

Helene in Between said...

isn't it crazy how something can bring people back together? love these photos, seems like wonderful people.

Jade Wright said...

Absolutely love the dress you were wearing at Ky's wedding - what a stunning color and a gorgeous dress - you looked amazing!!

I also adore the name Quinn!! That's actually one of the names I would name my child one day - how weird!!! It was the one name I forgot to mention in my letter to you!
Has the letter arrived yet??

ALSO... you make a beeeeeeautiful preggers lady!

Loved looking through all of these photo's.. thank you for sharing them :)


Areeba said...

Haley!!! It was so fun to see old you! Life through mum's camera! I'm glad your mum's found an old friend. Isn't this incredible that Gayle held you years ago & now she is holding your daughter! It's beyond awesome! I must say you should consider this post as "treasure post" :)