Monday, October 21, 2013

Crazy Shit Rob Does! Chapter One.

 I ended up getting quite a few pageviews on Friday for my "He Bites" post. It was fun to write and I'm proud to say that I ended up getting a lot of positive feedback from my readers. I can't deny that it probably had a lot to do with it being about my husband.. Rob. He is one hell of a funny character. So having said that; I want to ride this 'Rob Wave' a little longer..
 With some help, I came up with an idea for a recurring blog post:

 Chapter One:   "The Crazy Shit Rob Does... with the Baby:"

 I did a little feature on this topic when I did a Guest Post at Rhyme and Ribbons. I researched a bit more into this topic and ended up finding a lot more goofy pictures to share.. 

Every single picture is a result of Alina's Daddy's imagination and boredom.
 The Moon:  Alina's Auntie Buggie (Auntie Erin- Rob's sister) was visiting and when she jumped into her truck to go back home Rob cheered her up with a little naked baby bum. These are the kinds of things to expect when sharing the wheel with Rob as a parent. Her pants and diaper may be removed at any given time in order to get a good chuckle from the receiving end of the moon. 
 The Swedish Chef:  This particular discovery happened by accident. Alina's thighs grew much faster than the rest of her body. She has a "thick" set of thighs and all of her cute little shorts that go with a bunch of her summer tops became way too tight for her to wear. Rob's solution was to pull the elastic out of the shorts to make room for her baby thunder thighs. Once the shorts were fixed, it was obvious to Rob to put them on her head, instantly creating a chef look. He eagerly instructed me to grab a wooden spoon in the kitchen for the spontaneous photo op. Another key with being Rob's co-pilot in life; always be prepared to grab props for impromptu photo shoots. 
  The Goat:  Another person to thank for Alina's funny pictures is her Nonna, Rob's mom. Nonna will never pass up an opportunity to put something cute or goofy onto Alina's head. She saw a goat headband at the market a few visits ago and just had to scoop it up for a future photo op with baby. I was napping and woke to a text message from Rob.. with a picture titled; Goat Baby. 
 The Gangster:  I actually forgot about this one. I was looking through Rob's Iphone Picture File he has on the computer and came across this beauty. I can't lie; she looks pretty bad ass as a baby gangster. I wouldn't mess with her. 
  The Pilot:  This one was featured on my guest post a little while ago. But I can't help but love the expression on her face. She looks like she actually thinks Rob is going to start up the plane and send her on her way. Mind you, I don't blame her for this fear because anything is possible with a daddy like Rob. 

 There is never a dull moment when Rob is home and that is what makes me love him so much! He's loads of fun and my life would be very boring without him. Plus I have a weird side that needs attention too.

 This little trick started pretty much as soon as she wasn't a puddle of mushy newborn. As soon as she had good control of her neck, she was up in the air held by her daddy's legs. I freaked internally because that is just a long way down if she decided to moved suddenly. But something I have learned being a parent with Rob is that I need to trust him and believe him when he says that he won't let anything bad happen to our little girl. Now I know he means that with all of his heart, but I still like to monitor "the crazy" that he bestows upon our little one. She's only wee for so long, so I'd like to keep her as unbroken and limber as possible. !! I think he's creating a little thrill seeker though. He can throw her in the air and I think, "Oh my goodness she's going to be terrified..!" and her reaction is always the same. She's ecstatic with a wide a gaping smile on her sweet face. So, Mommy chooses to back off and let the two of them have their fun...

 This was my first edition of "Crazy Shit Rob Does!".. Thank you for joining me and oh, I will have much, much, much more to report on soon enough..!

 Oh and I was just about to push PUBLISH, when I saw on Facebook that Rob posted a new picture of Alina with this as the title:

"Something's off about Alina lately. She's been really mopey, sensitive to sunlight and she keeps trying to bite us. Is this normal for a 7 month old? Maybe I'm just imagining things."



Noor said...

Omg omg it cracked me up with every picture and its description. I'm going to be a fan , like seriously. I wish I could find those zombie teeth somewhere. Yikes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

This might be my favourite post of yours so far. You've really outdone yourself. Swedish chef is definitely my favourite bit though! xx

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! So funny .. you are all a bunch of loveable goof balls!! And I mean that in the very best way!!

Haley said...

Thank you. It is really nice having a guy with a great sense of humour!

Jade Wright said...

pahhhh hahahahah these photos are hilarious! You really do make being a mum look like so much fun - and it is!! <3
My favorites are the pilot (her face is just too cute!) and her little bum hahahahhaah toooooo funny.
She will be so angry at you for that one day! hehehehe ;)

I went to the post office and theres no tracking no. for your letter so im just hoping it arrives soon!! 5 hand written pages back to front is a lot to loose hahahaha xxx

Kim Wirth said...

Haley,that was hilarious. Being Haley's mom and Rob's mom-inlaw and Alina's Baba I can attest to every photo and comment Haley posted. Rob is so funny and he has taught Haley how to relax more with Alina.I'm not sure what he is teaching the baby yet,but that is why you all better stay tuned to Haley's blog to find out!! It can and will only get better from here. Love you Doll,yo momma xo

Haley said...

Awww- thanks Mom! You're too sweet. And I think he's teaching Alina patience, how to endure the most extreme situations (to her anyway) and to be as laid back and easy going as him..
Thanks for commenting !

Dee said...

LOL your husband is so funny! Love the pics.