Monday, December 08, 2014

Christmas Movie Magic

 Christmas isn't Christmas, without the classic movies to accompany the days leading up to it. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I know that in my household, the Christmas movies are taken very, very seriously. For example, if we see a Christmas movie on t.v. that we really love we can't watch it. Oh no, not unless we're both there willing to watch it together. IF the movie is on in the early days of December, like now, then it has to be ignored and saved for a time closer to Christmas. Weird- I know. But that is us.

 Some animated Christmas shows I personally get excited over are Prep & Landing, Shrek The Halls and Arthur Christmas. I'm such a kid. I am absolutely loving that I can share these with Alina now. She's already starting to get into them with me.

 Then, there are the classic cartoons from the past. How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Mickey's Christmas Carol, A Charlie Brown Christmas and my all time favourite; A Garfield Christmas. I'm sure there are more favourites out there, but those ones I seem to watch every year. Those movies are special because they actually take me back to that time when I was just an innocent kid, believing in exactly what my parents told me. A place where time seems to stand still when waiting for Christmas to arrive, a time when magic and the spirit of Christmas lived and thrived inside of me. Christmas movie magic.

   There are the classic films that are a must-see during the holidays like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Home Alone. Both of those absolutely can not be watched without the other and NLCV is saved specifically for Christmas Eve. We watch both of the Home Alone movies, even though the first one is better. We also have to watch A Christmas Story. That one takes me waaay back to being a little one too. I would say that those are the classics.
 Then there are the movies that are secondary to the classics, but still important, like The Santa Clause, Elf and Bad Santa. If I don't see the secondary films I'm okay with it.
 The movies that are set during the Christmas holiday, but aren't completely centered around Christmas are also fun to watch during this time of year. (Or in my case, all year round.)  The Holiday, The Family Stone; which I adore and Love Actually; a true classic.

 So during the holiday season, I am very busy watching my favourite Christmas specials because they bring me back and completely get me into the holiday spirit.  What are some of your family's must-sees during the holidays?!



Megan Campbell said...

Just watched Christmas Vacation this weekend and I'm now in full holiday spirit yet we are 3 weeks away from the big day. Oh well. It won't hurt anyone if I carry this festive spirit around for 3 weeks ;)

Amanda said...

Sam has never seen ANY of the Charlie Brown's. this must be fixed asap, I think! x

Jade Wright said...

I've never seen or heard of ANY of those Christmas shows but I bet the Shrek one is great! I love Shrek - and Christmas movies. Love Actually is definitely a winner, isn't it?
The Family Stone is also great.

Aw I know it is still early days but you have me SO keen to watch an epic Christmas movie now Haley! xxxx

The Babbling Box said...

I am right there with when it comes to saving movies for specific times or watching it with a specific person. I am anxiously saving NLCV for Christmas with my Dad and sister as well as White Christmas. The mister isn't all that Christmasy so we have Die Hard and Bad Santa. And since before Christmas I have been indulging in the hallmark Christmas movies...cheesy but so stinking sweet.

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