Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A Bonus Day

 Who would have thought that Rob having a procedure done at the hospital would be so enjoyable for me!? It's not a big deal, just a throat scope but he gets crazy drugs that make him forget the whole ordeal. So I have to be his designated driver for when he finishes. They say that the entire procedure takes three hours from when you sign in to when you sign out.

 Of course, the hospital is in a city, thirty minutes away, so I had to take the day off of work. Alina couldn't join us because once we're in the city, there isn't much of a point in me driving all the way home. So I get a few free hours to myself! Rob had the brilliant suggestion of bringing our Westfalia camper van. So I'm literally just laying on the pull out bed, with my lap top on me, checking blogs uninterrupted and now, writing my own post for the week. I packed myself my kindle, journal, lap top, tablet, a full on lunch and there's also a t.v. in here that I could hook up if I wanted to, but I don't think I'll need it! This is seriously the nicest, most chill hour and a half I've spent in a long time. Sadly, the nurse said I had to return by 11:30 and now, it is 11:27. So my little time to myself is over. Now I'm off to pick up Rob and see what he wants to do for the rest of the day!

Turns out, he wanted to go to none other than Costco! If there is one thing that Rob loves to do it's shop and then it's shopping at Costco. He manages to turn a fifteen minute trip into a full on hour plus. He has to go up and down each non-food aisle and stop and discuss why he needs whatever it is that he's found. I decided, for fun and because we didn't have anything else to do today, to take a picture each time he stopped to look at something. (In all honesty, I missed a couple because he stops to check everything out! But I think I got the best ones..)

  I think Rob is going to spend the rest of his life convincing me that he/we need everything that Costco has to offer. The first stop; shorts. "These are my kind of shorts, Haley!" Or when we walked passed the tiles for the back splash in a kitchen. He calculates carefully with his phone how much it would take for us to do our kitchen, so we can sell it. Suddenly we are selling our house? He shows me the tiles for our kitchen floors and then lastly he is absolutely tired of shaving with his regular razor and will one day definitely need a 50 piece razor kit. We went outside to check out the garden center so that Rob could show me all of the plants and trees that he will one day be planting in our future yard. "I want a banana tree! They just look so tropical." "Everything is so cheap here!"

 We sat on yard furniture, we went inside of sheds and checked out surf boards. Rob found swimming shorts and then he managed to find 'work' shorts. "Now these are rugged." He was very tempted to buy the 'work' shorts but I had to remind him that we were sticking to a budget and only came for two items.

 He looked at life jackets for Alina and then finally, finally he was ready to grab the two items we needed; toilet paper and diapers. Yup, I know.. we're pretty exciting people. We ended our little Costco date with Costco hotdogs and pops for $3.15. What can I say; I'm a cheap date! We ate our dogs in the back of our Westy; very romantic. Then we went over to Superstore for swimming diapers and Alina's rice cereal. There was a toy sale going on and I practically had to drag Rob away from the baby clearance racks. We had ourselves a nice day out, minus the little one and even though it wasn't your typical 'date'.. it was still nice to just laugh and goof around just the two of us.

 We cruised home and picked up our third stooge and goofed around in the van for a little bit before heading inside. It was a really nice 'bonus' day and I'm glad we made the most of it. Rob mentioned that it was a good day and I reminded him that he was 'throat raped' as he so gently described it as this morning..! Oh well, he already put it behind him... (Aka- the drugs worked!)

If you were granted a bonus day; what would you do with your extra time!?


Rachel said...

Your description of shopping with Rob is hilarious. Angel's danger store is a "5 below" store where everything is $5 or less--we went in this weekend and walked out with a little plant, Starburst gummies, a laser pointer, and a giant balloon. Of course, all necessities, right? I just laugh...

holly galloway said...

LOL loved this blog post Haley! captured the "Rob-ness" very well.....reminds me of my broski Brenden! I had a good chuckle!

The Babbling Box said...

I couldn't stop laughing at your post. I would assume this is the way the mister must feel when I tell him about all the things we must buy. Because hell would have to freeze over before he actually entered a store with me. It hasn't happened in 7 years...probably won't ever happen.

Megan Campbell said...

hahahah I love this! Yay for some "me" time. I'm glad you were able to focus on blogs for a little bit with no distractions!
Costco.....I've never been to one. But I can understand the excitement haha.
It sounds like you guys had a great day off spending time together and snuggling. I'm so happy for you :)

Amanda said...

HA! When I read the first sentence I was really worried about Rob. (Although I do hope his throat is fine.) I think I might love Costco as much as he does though. Is that embarrassing? (My love of buying things in bulk....) x

Jade Wright said...

Ahhhh your van looks awesome!! I've always wanted a campervan... nice that you got some time off work to take rob to his procedure! I\m glad the 'throat-raping' went well and that he is on the mend!
Third stooge looks as happy as ever nestled between you two <3 gorgeous family!!!

Has my letter reached you yet? It should be on its way... I've also started doing something for your next one! :)

Gosh if I had a bonus day.. my answer is going to be sooo boring... I haven't realy been blogging much this month because I am busy working really hard on my 2nd novel which is coming along great and I am absolutely loving it!! I'd probably take a day to just simply write :) I've got this creative surge right now that just won't stop!!

Oh - when I print my first novel in bulk I'm sending you a copy xxx