Monday, April 28, 2014

Adult Piggies

 Adult pig tails? Is this IN or OUT... If they're out I have most definitely not received the memo. Last week I wore them and wondered if I was too old to be rocking the piggies.

 I asked my co-worker and she let me know that I was in the clear, but not before mentioning that man pony tails were definitely out. So true. Some guys can pull off the pony tail look but they have to be incredibly gorgeous before it's okay. Even then, I find it difficult to be attracted to a man with long hair. It's just kind of weird.

 The adult pig tails did get me thinking. At what age am I going to be 'too old' to be doing things that I enjoy doing, or wearing or even saying?? When does calling someone 'dude' turn me into an outdated chick that grew up in the 90's? When do The Tragically Hip and the Counting Crows become classic rock? It's just all too much to think about!

 I see people that get old and it freaks me out. I am getting a bit ahead of myself when I say "see people get old" because those people are more or less in their 70's-90's. But still! People lose their finesse... Elderly people go from resembling themselves to looking just ... old. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but there was an older gentleman that bought coffee off of me back when I worked at a coffee shop. He had watery red eyes, shaky hands and was slow to respond. He opened his wallet and I saw a black and white photo of him from when he was in the war. That memory will always stay with me. For an instant, I saw him for who he was. He was once a young man, capable of fighting in a real war, never mind carrying a coffee cup to a table without assistance. The memory makes me sad because it just goes to show that we all get old. I saw him as an old man, not the man that he lived his life as. Each time that I am annoyed or frustrated with an elderly person, I try to remember that picture. I try to remember that that person was once young, like me. We all get old, and we need to remember to have a little patience and be kind. I will one day want the same from someone else when I'm shakily counting my change at the grocery store.

 When does my eye liner, tight jeans and pink lipstick suddenly transform me into a cougar? I have no idea. Or maybe I will know and I'll act accordingly. All I know is that for right now, while I'm still considered 'young', I'm going to continue to say, "Thanks dude.." when it feels right. I'm going to wear my bikini to the beach and the swimming pool. I'm going to wear pink lipstick and I'm definitely going to keep rocking my piggies to work.

I'm going to ride this 'young' wave as long as I can... And the piggies will have to ride 'em right along with me...!

So- what do you think? Are adult piggies in or out?


Amanda said...

I still love the counting crows. I think pigtails look adorable on you. Because my hair is so long I can't rock them though- so wear them proudly for the both of us!

Megan Campbell said...

Girl I can NOT rock the piggies but yours look so cute that it makes me want to try and try until I CAN pull them off!
I agree with the aging thing, its scary. Its scary to think that Cameron Diaz is in her 40's when I remember her being so young in The Mask.
I tried to be young this weekend and then spent sunday hungover. Yikes.

Julie Clark said...

I totally understand the fear of getting old but I am a firm believer that positive/optimistic people age slower than negative/pessimistic people. I think the concept of what is considered "old" is changing. More and more often chronologically older woman are rocking the bikinis, skinny pants and body fitting shirts because they worked hard to live healthy active lives and women's bodies are becoming more appreciated for the miracles they endure. Long silver hair is becoming more common - even with cute piggies.
A "young soul" can say "thanks dude" until the last day, she can rock piggies until she no longer wants to and pink lipstick to the retirement home dinner party.

Haley said...

Julie! YES. Everything you wrote makes perfect sense.

I wonder if I will still be saying 'dude' when I'm 80...

You probably have such a great outlook on getting older because you have such an incredible grandma to look up to! I have heard really cool things about her.

Rachel said...

I've heard that adult piggies are out...but I still wear them too...

It is so strange, when people literally get old enough that they lose so much of their own personality and abilities. I hate that, it simply seems so wrong, that's not what should happen. My Mom has always said she wants to live to 120 "with my strength not diminished and my eye not dimmed" like Moses from the Bible--because she doesn't think it would be any fun at all to live a very long time but not be able to still be YOU and still be accomplishing things.

Noor said...

I love your piggies , though it used to be one of my most embarrassing hairstyle mom would always give.
I am nearly 17 but I feel like a kid and act like a silly teen whereas everyone feels I should act like a grown up. That's too hard , I mean our thoughts on us are too different than other would see it. That old man might be the bravest soldier and would have the same idea about him. Indeed, they deserve all the love and respect we can give them.
Oh , and growing up is too hard.

Noor @ Noor's Place

Sarah McCall said...

Now I want to cut my hair to have cute little pig tails! I like your story about the old man, and how you got to see the picture. I wonder if he still saw himself as that young man. Sometimes I think about my mom being the age I am now and how when I was little, I thought she knew everything about everything. It is weird to think of her being human, you know. I dont know if that makes any sense, but it makes me wonder if anyone ever really grows up.

Laura Darling said...

I think the pig tails are cute! I was shopping with my (17 year old) sister a few weeks ago and she said I was officially "too old" to shop at Forever 21! Sad day.

Jade Wright said...

Don't ask me why.... I just love a man that ties back his hair if its long. Jared Leto's long locks?? Noooo... When you tie a mans hair back you can see their jaw structure and it opens their face up. Just truly gorgeous.

You're lucky to be able to pull off pig tails. I look like a catastraophic Hermione Granger from Hogwarts - but around four years old.

Also, Prince Harry (sorry I'm British, so I have to bring the royals into it haha) has a girlfriend who rocked the pig tails recently!

Haley - you are the furthest thing from a couger. You are in your prime!! Young, gorgeous, fit and healthy!!! Flaunt it while ya got it - and don't worry about losing it, because that will only egg it on!