Friday, April 18, 2014

MHB- Week 21- Good

 I would say that this week was a good week. Nothing too special. Rob joined me for the workouts, which was different. He is slowly getting back into it and I don't mind the company. I'll try to keep the MHB posts brief because I know I've been doing these since November and people don't really care what I did with weights every week. I have to keep the posts up because they keep me motivated!


 Day 1- Strength and Endurance. Today was unlike any other day because Rob joined me. He's decided that since my results have been really positive, he would like to jump on the RushFit train and get himself fit too. He was lifting weights and doing cardio religiously for awhile but once he returned to school he had to scale back. He was huffing and puffing through the first two rounds and decided to call it quits a bit early. (I don't blame him. It's not an easy workout to jump into. It takes some getting used to.) It made me realize that I am in shape and that felt, oh, so, so good!!! (Great way to start a Monday...)


 Day 2- Rest days are the best days! I love being able to stay up a bit later on a Monday night, I love being able to sleep forty minutes later.. It's just enjoyable all around. Alina got a new hat from her dad on Tuesday, her Baba came over to drop off a new Easter dress and then her Nonna sent us a huge Easter package full of outfits and goodies for all of us.


 Day 4- Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. It could be how bright the mornings are getting, my decision to only do three days a week or the fact that Rob is up working out with me; but my attitude towards working out has completely changed. I'm really into it and I feel completely awesome every day that I finish up. It was Alina's Nonna's birthday today; she she got a little Alina message first thing!


 Day 5- Rest day! Alina's into biting the spoon every time I put cereal in her mouth. I had to snap a picture of her kind-of-cheeky-biting-smile she does.. She is also making crafts at daycare which I LOVE! Alina's first ever craft is the pink egg with the paint and she made another one, the following day with tissue paper that she scrunched up herself and dipped into glue. I have a kid that makes crafts at 'school'.. TEAR.


 Day 5- Strength and Endurance again! It's Good Friday, so we didn't have work or daycare. I had Alina up, fed, bathed and dressed and then I put her in 'jail' while we did our workout. She looked at us like we were completely craaaazy. Sweaty workout to put on the blog- check!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your Good Friday and the days to follow with juicy ham and milk chocolate!


Happy Fit said...

Yay Haley!! Happy Easter :)

Noor said...

Ohhh! How many of these fit posts did I miss? You seem equally enthusiastic as before. Annnd, look at Alina. Adorbooboo is grown up now.
Noor @ Noor's Place

stephanie nobles said...
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stephanie nobles said...

Omg...A (because spell check won't let me spell it out correctly!) Is soo stinking cute! I really should get back into working out but by the time I get off work, I am usually to whipped out! Your blog posts inspire me.

Lisa-Jade said...

I hope you had an amazing Easter! You are looking amazing Haley!!! Alina is freaking cutttteeeeeeee!