Thursday, September 22, 2005


Wow. Last night. Wow.

Okay so here goes it.....

My night was very fun. I went to the pub with my cousin and some friends. We drank and I played many games of pool. Apparently I was winning..five games in a row...or was it four? I am no pool shark but I can hold my own I at least think. BUT, I kept winning by default. The eight ball would fall in at the beginning or the white ball would follow the eight ball and the poor man I was playing would wince. Haha, it was a beautiful thing really.

The pub was quite full for "the pub". Alex and I call it "Foreman's basement" off of "That 70's Show" because it's so layed back there. And ugly with lots of brown furniture..haha. We have our favourite bartender, Trent. He's the best and always makes sure our drinks are full. We love him and know his schedule. We usually don't go there unless he's working. And that's saying something. Ally's friend is moving and this was why there was so many people there. I hope he had fun.

Ally is going to put me on a blind date with someone. I remember telling her that I would love to go on one with her videotaping the entire thing. Haha. I must have been drunk because that's a lot of pressure. Someone always watching what's going on. I am looking forward to a date...but, I am totally freaked right the fuck out. Who will it be? Why did I agree to do it?? Ahh, yes the alcohol. Right.

Back to last night... unfortunately my story is not finished. So we go to Ally's bosses house. And we continue on with the drinking....and drinking...and drinking... Apparently after a certain point in my memory...I don't recall the evening. I don't remember how it ended. I heard from my aunty that I passed out on the couch and Alex had a hell of a time waking me up. Oops. AND I woke up late very late to find that my shoes were not there. Hmm, I must have left the house without my shoes. Again, that's saying something... D R U N K.

But it's starting to get out of hand. Why oh why did I do this? Why did I have to get so drunk? I wasn't there to return my mom her car so she almost lost her very important appointment. So I wake up in a panic..looking for my shoes....and then I had to go to the bathroom forever. I just sat there...trying to feel better...hoping that the spins would subside...and that I would be feeling better soon. Then, my mom and her parents drive up. Uh oh. Trouble.

I think that my mom is going to kick my ass for not being there when I promised I would. But no, it's not mom I should've been fearing. Grannie. She was so mad at me. I have never felt so low as I did this morning when she was yelling at me. The worst feeling ever. I was shocked. Dumbfounded. As I was leaving, after many, many tears later she said she was sorry for freaking out on me. She thought I was dead. That's why I wasn't answering the phone...not because I was so hammered last night...not because I was passed out from all the alcohol in my system...not because I was an irresponsible little bitch..and forgot about my mother completely last night between..the beers, the gin, the rye....They thought I was raped..or killed..or get this one...OVERDOSED on something. Wow, I don't even do drugs. They were really worried.

I hate that my grannie gave me shit. I hate it because it was embarrassing and everyone saw. I hate that I had to leave my aunty's house without degrading. I hate that I didn't say anything to my grannie to make her feel better when she apologized to me, crying. I am a bitch. The alcohol numbed me. Maybe that's why I drink.


Anonymous said...

It was not long ago (though it feels like ages) that I was a little wild. Hey, you are young and having a good time.

I am sorry you felt embarrassed. Just remember thistooshallpass.

Haley said...

You're right..and it will pass. The shitty thing about it now is that my mom isn't going to let me use her car very much now. Ughh, so I really HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO get myself a car. She still controls me, and I hate that. haha


Mama said...

((Haley)) I still to this day hate when someone is unhappy with me. On the other hand, as a mom of the 19 and 20 y/o, I would've freaked out if they hadn't shown up or called. Not saying it to make u feel bad, I always think the worst case scenario too. I'm just glad that wasn't the case and you are fine, except maybe a little hung over? I don't think I've ever drank and forgot how things went, but I used to take Ambien to sleep at nite and once that kicked in, if I didn't go to sleep right away, I could hold whole conversations w/Britt or call my husband etc and not even know the next day that I had done it or what I said. I know I hated that feeling so I guess thats kinda how you felt (but in a different way?)

You are young and should have fun, just be careful, girly, not to get hurt etc K? I am really glad I ran into u and don't want to lose u...

well, am off to bed. Britt's waiting for the computer...hugs!~M

acumamakiki said...

Good words from both Mama and Erin. Shit happens girl, sometimes we make bad decisions and you know what? It could have gone so many other ways last night, your Grannie's unhappiness, the embarrassment, even the no shoes, is really such a better outcome than what they were thinking you know?
Don't be too hard on yourself and drink lots of water today!!

Suz said...

(((((Haley))))), Big Hugs To You!

Iam not gonna go on and on. The other ladies posted some great words to you. We all make mistakes, but we learn from them and move on. Big Hugs

Hugs Suz

Anonymous said...

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