Monday, September 26, 2005

Five Summers Ago

One of my very great friends from Lafayette commented on my blog the other day. I can not believe he found me!

I went to Lafayette, about... five years ago I believe. I was kind of an unhappy, little girl with things that I was dealing with back then. I didn't want to be home..I didn't want to hurt anymore, etc. It's not a big deal now to me, but it was everything to me then. I learned a lot and gained so much more by visiting my family and new found friends in Louisiana.

These people are unexplainable. They were so compassionate and caring towards eachother. I had never seen teenagers like this before. I don't know what it is, but Canadians are not that close. My friends would walk into a room with open arms, hugging me and everyone else that was in the room. My friends in Canada never did this and I was so thrilled with how different it was there for me. At that time in my life, I NEEDED to be hugged everyday, by everyone. I needed the attention they all gave me and the relationships we all shared.

I don't know whose idea it was for me to go there that summer, but it was a damn good idea and just what I needed in my life. It was my fifteenth birthday and I remember being rushed out of the house to play Laser Tag. When I returned, the entire living room was FULL of my new friends and their families. I couldn't believe it. My life had been going so shitty at home and all I knew at that point, that things were looking up. My aunt and uncle's swimming pool was filled with balloons. I had a birthday crown, that I actually wore on my 20th birthday this year, and presents and most importantly all of them. I can't even explain how great they all made me feel. I was the visitor..the Canadian, the excitement for that summer. Well, maybe not THE excitement, but I did feel like it.

On the day that I had to leave.. I will never forget. My friend David made me two cd's to remember the summer by for me. He gave me a discman for the airplane. My flight was pretty early, I think it was... at 7:00 and the following day everyone had to return for school. So on the day that my friends, and cousins could've slept in..they all got up and went to the airport to see me off. There was group of... maybe eight of them. We had a big group hug and I just remember crying so hard, wishing I could leave my own family and join this one. I wanted so badly to stay. As I was going down the stairs..I looked up and saw everyone, tear stained faces smiling and waving at me. My all time crush, RyGuy went onto the intercom and said, "We love you Haley" in his southern accent.

I love those people, I still have a special space for all of them in my heart. David commenting on my blog made me realize that I hadn't thought about that time in my life in a really long time.
And I'm glad that I can dedicate this post to my Lafayette Angels.

I love "y'all wherever you are.."


Mama said...

Oh Haley!
That sounds like the most AWESOME summer! I've been having a really crappy night and that made me smile! And also you said y'all! I'm so glad they were there for you to get you thru some tough time. HUGS!~m

Anonymous said...

What an awesome entry! Sounds like some angels were sent to you just when you needed them. But honestly, how can anyone not love you? =D

Haley said...

Thank you guys! You're so great. I have a feeling..just an inkling ( i don't know the spelling) that you are my second batch of angels. Apparently my angels come in the form of Americans. HAHA. Y'all..yeah I know. I love it. I miss them all so much. It's good to be remembered though.

David - the southern boy said...

Haley is the bestest canadianchicklet in the world!!!!!!! As much as it seems we had an effect on her, she had an effect on us. I wouldn't have tried to find her is she didn't! WE LOVE YOU HAY-EH!

Suz said...

What a wonderful post Haley. It sounds like that summer was a summer you are never gonna forget.

I believe we all have angels in our lives whether they are real people that impact us in different ways or whether they are spirits around us, either way they always seem to be there when we need them.

So glad those "angels were there for you when you needed them and that David found you again.

Hugs Suz

Anonymous said...

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