Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The result of a very unsuccessful game of quarters that I mentioned before..

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Ally said...

The game pieces I am holding in my hands are from a game Haley and I used to play. It is a pizza party game where players are required to take turns rolling a die and then collecting corresponding pizza toppings. the object is to be the first with everything on your pizza.A simple and novel idea, from Parker Brothers. It also happens to be the reason Haley and I did not get along as children. It is indeed the very game the "big kids" let her win while I was playing. For the following statments, please keep in mind, I was competitive in nature when I was younger. In an outburst of rage I threw down what toppings I had and smacked Haley on the head with the cardboard pizza! From then on, things were a little rocky