Thursday, September 29, 2005


As everyone can clearly see, my brother is a complete and utter goof. He's the funniest person that I've been lucky to have been around all of my life.

When I was a little girl I was the tag along. I wanted to read just like Kyli and learn how to play baseball like my big brother. I was a busy little girl trying to be both my brother and my sister. But in the end I turned into a mixture of them both, as well as my very own person. With the two of them helping mom and Rudi raise me I turned into quite the little creation. I wouldn't be who I am without their love and torture.

Lincoln and I did get along when we were younger, but I would never have imagined what it is like now between us. My brother is very compassionate towards other people. He doesn't like to make anyone feel uncomfortable and he always wants to make sure that I am okay in any situation. It's like I'm a little girl again, and he's taking care of me. I don't think he'll ever truly stop taking care of me, really. Even though he lives in a different province entirely, which is getting difficult to deal with, he will always be there for me. He is a very difficult person to get a hold of. He works the graveyard shifts always and it's tough trying to phone him when he's not sleeping.

When us kids were little, I remember we all slept in a big queen size bed after the divorce. Our aunts and mom's friends used to say that we were like kittens, because we stuck so closely to one another when we slept. I'd have a foot in the face, Linc would have Kyli's elbow up his nose, etc. We were always a cuddley little bunch. Imagine how we like to sleep now. I remember that I was always in the middle..Linc would pinch me and I'd cry and Kyli would shove me out of the way and pound the crap out of him for me. We were always bugging each other. My dad would come for a weekend visit and take us back to Drayton with him. Kyli never got the front seat because dad didn't want to leave me and Linc alone together, because I'd cry because he made a face at me,etc.

Lincoln is very talented. He's a sketch artist, that roughly jots his artistic scratches in one of his many sketchbooks. This is where I received my love for art, through him. I love to sketch as well, which I must say, I have not done in a very long time.

I can not begin to explain my brother's respect he has for me as a young woman now. He literally thinks the world of me and I can say that without it being a conceited thing. He does. I make him laugh the most out of anyone I think. We both feed off of each other's humour and that is what makes us so funny when we are together. I love my brother and hope that he does in fact decide to move out to the island sooner than he anticipated.

Linc this one's for you..


Suz said...

Haley I loved reading about your brother just as much as I did about your sister.

Great pics, thanks so much for sharing.

Hugs Suz

Mama said...

Awww Your siblings sound wonderful! You can really see how much love there is between y'all!

I wish you could meet my kids b/c I think you would fit right in too!

Dev and Shane took Britt to stay @ their apt last nite and she was getting her hair trimmed today. She just IM-ed me and said its a little short??! They're on their way here soon. Uh-oh!!

holli said...

These have been really heartfelt tributes to your brother and sister.. very sweet.

I had an actual question that made sense before blogger went down for maintenance, then I lost it, but it was along the lines of - do both your brother and sister live in the same location, and you live away, but hope to get there eventually? Or maybe in that one hour I completely got things confused.

Either way, tributes are great - and, as always - those were very well-written.


Haley said...

My sister lives in VIctoria which is a little over two hours away from where I am currently living. My brother lives in Alberta, in Edmonton. I used to lived a little over three hours away from him, now it's more like 13 hours away.


PS thank you all for reading my little tributes..I love doing them, they're really fun.

Anonymous said...

Soo sweet Haley! I was laughing about the pinching and fighting.. sounds like my two!

holli said...

well I loved reading them.. so thanks for writing them.

acumamakiki said...

So nice, I can't say anything that hasn't been said. You've got a wonderful way with words. (=