Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nothing Beats Sisters~

Baby Haley and big sister, always playing with my hair..

In Pretty Dresses

At Christmas Time..

At the zoo..Animals always freaked me out..

At Aunt B's..Ky did my makeup..

Ky mixed me a kahlua..oooh

Two years ago, in pretty dresses again..


holli said...

I love family pics.. they are all so precious.. I wish I had a scanner!!

I need someone to play with my hair - that is one of my favorite things!!! Faith tries to do it now, but it's more like ripping it out of my head - but with time, I have faith she will learn. :)

Haley said...

Kyli used to always play with my hair..always always. No wonder they called me "greaseball"..(assholes made me this way..)



Sisters are awesome i wish i was one

Mama said...

It is so obvious how close you are! I wish I had a sister!

Shane loves to play with Britt and Kallee's hair...He still does when he comes to visit.

ROFL@ Holli!! Good thing you have allot of hair, huh?