Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I've Been Tagged

I was never good at playing tag..but here goes..

The list of 100 things about little Miss Haley Parenteau:

(As requested by Erin, a new blog friend...if I knew how to do links I would have a link to her blog, but I do not..)

1. I am in love with my blog.
2. I read it over and over again.
3. My middle name is Shea.
4. I love music now.
5. I find I can get lost in it.
6. I hate the bad in the world that never goes away.
7. Today is six months since my dad died.
8. I hate that he is gone.
9. I was not planned..ooops.
10. I was a sad attempt at making the marriage work.
11. My parents were divorced when I was 2 and a half.
12. Using the phrase, "mom and dad" in the same sentence feels weird to say.
13. I wonder if people will read this entire list...?
14. I quit kindergarden.
15. I remember watching "the price is right" thinking, this is much better than kindergarden!!
16. I'm older than all of my friends, at least when I was in highschool.
17. I stood out from all of my friends in one way or another.
18. I keep in touch with one of them over the phone.
19. A lot of my friends read my blog and I didn't know that.
20. I am proud that people read this.
21. I love that Erin and Holli put my blog on their blogs.
22. Made me feel really great.
23. I need to write...for the rest of my life.
24. I need to have babies one day.
25. If I can't I don't know what I'd do.
26. I worry about that a lot..if I can't have babies..just because I want them so badly.
27. When people sing really fantastically I get goosebumps all over my body.
28. I lost my virginity when I was 16.
29. To my first boyfriend, Kirk.
30. It wasn't as important as I thought it was.
31. 16 is too young to lose it...but I didn't know that at the time..haha
32. I wouldn't have done it any other way, though.
33. Now at least I know what I'm doing, haha.
34. Kirk was very bad for me.
35. He tried to kill himself when I broke up with him.
36. He got his sister to beat me up infront of a huge highschool party.
37. The fight was pretty intense..
38. We are both friends now..his sister and I.
39. We laugh about it now. phew.
40. I don't know Kirk anymore.
41. Apparently he's in rehab.
42. I used to think he jaded me.
43. He did...but now I'm okay.
44. I have a tatoo.
45. Of my dad's name on my back.
46. My co-workers asked about it yesterday.
47. I love watching hockey at a pub.
48. I love being with friends away from Errington.
49. I plan on singing, "love and marriage" at the next karaoke get together...gutsy..
50. I miss my sister.
51. We're very close.
52. I miss my brother.
53. We used to fight lots when we were little.
54. Now he respects me more than I do.
55. I haven't spoken to him in almost a month.
56. I was born in 1985.
57. In my mind I think I am older..
58. But I know in five years even I will laugh at myself.
59. I have a lot of experience for a 20 year old.
60. I feel like I need a good break from drama.
61. I know this will not happen.
62. I hate war.
63. I hate that people have to go and fight.
64. The idea frightens the hell out of me.
65. My real dad lives in Drayton Valley, Alberta.
66. That's where I was born.
67. I am the only kid that mantained a healthy relationship with him.
68. I know him and his family the very best out of my family.
69. I love that.
70. My step sister is going to be 16. (the year i lost virginity...eeek)
71. She wants a fake id already.
72. I feel old when I think...."you're only sixteen little one.."
73. The world changes so much and I am beginning to feel out of "the loop".
74. The song "Won't Back Down" tom petty is apparently "my song" says my sister.
75. The song was playing when she told me...and I cried.
76. I hate being dumped.
77. I wish I could get over people quicker.
78. I wish he missed me.
79. I wish for mom to find someone again..later.
80. I hope that I get my life figured out within this year so that I can move out.
81. I live with my mom and her two dogs. (loser)
82. I haven't payed rent yet since we moved here. (loser)
83. I don't really think I'm a loser.
84. I love Staples... Stationary, out!
85. I need a car.
86. I am ashamed to admit that I love the show, "Coronation Street."
87. So does my mom.
88. I am a total Wineo.
89. It's my poison.
90. I love it when I make people laugh.
91. And all the attention that comes with it.
92. That's how I get my by being funny.
93. I am pretty funny.
94. I snort when I laugh.
95. I fart when I please.
96. I know that that was gross..but hey, I'm kind of like that..Don't Care What People Think...well once I know them a little..
97. I wish I could play the guitar.
98. I hope I have fun tonight.
99. I love 90's music...cranberries, alanis morisette, lisa loeb...
100. I want to get married barefoot..


Anonymous said...

I love it Haley! Keep writing and I will keep reading =)

Mama said...


I like your list! I wish I had been married far our 3 oldest say they will.(Its the whole living by the beach thing)

I love that you quit Kindergarten! And I am so sorry your Dad is gone. That scares me about mine.He just turned 78 in Aug...

You sound like so much fun and I really really doubt that you are anywhere near a loser...

hugs! mama

AFGUY said...

you like staples? hmmmmmm

AFGUY said...

wow that was a fast blog response? Do you have some kinda notifier? LOL

holli said...

oh honey bunny - I wish we lived closer..

I read the whole thing - and I loved it all.

Haley said...

I'm really glad that you liked it Holli. Yes, British Columbia...Texas..quite the distance. My aunt and uncle used to live in Lafayette..I've been there a couple of times. Seen Texas too. Hot as hell, whhew.
Erin, I'm glad you liked it too..!

Mama, it is the whole living by =the beach thing that makes a person want to get married barefoot.

I replied on your blog there Afguy..hopefully faster than the last..haha.


Maggie said...

I love your blog. I'll definetly be back!

I'm so sorry about your dad.

AFGUY said...

i think u have a notifier

Cassy said...

I read it ALL! I loved it. If I get married at all, I want to do it barefoot, too.

holli said...

Good LORD - I instantly recognized I had read your list. My memory.. this medication - AAAAAHHHH!!!


Anonymous said...

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