Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Kyli isn't just a name to me. It sings to me.. it means so much more because of the person that that name represents..

My sister is the most influential person in my life, since day 1. July 16, 1985 I was studying everything about her, even as a new born. (if possible) I love everything about my sister. She's beautiful, she's wise..she has a nasty ass temper, yet her cheerfulness brightens an entire room. Seeing her at work, is like watching the sunshine in a cloudless sky.. She changes a setting to happy with just her presence alone. Like I said.. at work. Haha, sometimes not so much, but hell that's because I'm her baby sister. From all the pictures below, you'll see that I loved being around her. I wanted to be her and to be honest, part of me still wants to be like her.

People that know Kyli always have very positive things to say about her. She's so expressive. Telling her anything exciting is always so rewarding.

ME: " I sang karaoke in front of dad the other night.."

Normal Reaction: "Oh that's great..good for you."

KY Reaction: "SHUT UP. That's great what did he think!!??"

And no, I'm not exxagerating, she always does the Elaine off of Seinfeld.."Shut up!" It's the best telling her anything exciting, even if it's not all that exciting. She'll still make me feel like I did something amazing. Haha, so expressive.

Like most sisters I'm sure, we can talk for hours and hours over the phone. We are so interested in eachother's lives. I wish that I could live in her apartment in downtown Victoria. She has a great job, with many rewards, and again, I wish I could be her.

For some reason, I think I'll end up in Victoria eventually. There's something about that place that screams HOME..OPPORTUNITY...FREEDOM. Maybe that's how Kyli felt when her and Joe moved there I belive over three years ago..maybe less.

This girl is everything to me. If I didn't have her I don't know how I'd get by what I've been through in my life. Through the late nights of me on the phone with Kirk when I wasn't supposed to be. She caught me, after she got home from the bar..and she was smacking at me trying to hit the phone out of my hands..and I warned her.."get out of my face, don't make me get out of my bed because I don't know what I'll do.." She left the room, but hit me first beforehand. Haha, and I'm glad she did, because I was in the wrong. I remember when she was first growing her boobies...haha, like she watered them and tended to them..haha.. I gave her the hardest titty twisters and she cried. I thought it would make me feel good, but I felt bad afterwards. Or all the times when she would be getting ready to go out to the bar... I was watching "The Wizard of Oz" on tv (such a big event in my family..I loved the Wizard of Oz) and she couldn't down her Pilsner fast enough, so she gave the rest to me. I was eating candy contently. But I ditched the candy and guzzled her beer, and pretended I liked it. Eww, pilsner? Nobody really likes pilsner, haha. We have so many memories.

Let's just say she's always been there for me. I owe her one...I owe her a few thousand. She was on the phone with me through a HaleyVSMom head to head. She was my support system through it all, telling me it'll be okay..etc. It felt so nice to have someone on my side for once..squirting that bottle of water on my face tellin' me to get back in there. haha, just kidding.

I love you Kyli and I felt it was time to dedicate a blog to you, since you are reading it now.




Suz said...

Awww, What a beautiful dedication to your sister! You can really tell in that post how much you love her and by those great pics, you can really tell how much you loved each other.

You have a wonderful way with words Haley, your post makes me want to call my sister who lives in MD (iam in GA).

Thanks for sharing this relationship with us!

Hugs Suz

Anonymous said...

Sisterly love. There is nothing like it. My sister who is 11 yrs older than me is my "Kyli". She is everything to me. My role model, me hero.

I love the pics of you together, your love for each other just shines.

acumamakiki said...

The pictures are great and it was a lovely ode to your big sister and your relationship with her.

Cassy said...

That was beautiful. I'm so glad you have that realtionship in your life.

Here's to many more phone calls, adventures and life in gereral shared with her!

deeanne1966 said...

Hi haley just thght id let U know,, sisters are great!!.You came into my life just after I met my sister.She was adopted out when she was 1mth old.Im happy that my mom made the right decision when she was young.Sad that We all missed the good times when we were growing up..Feeling the need to say Im ok with the way things went on in my young life but none the less life does go on & we have a lifetime now to get to know each other. Sibling do fight, some more than others.I watched my 2 brothers fight thank goodness I wasnt in the middle.Watched in the background.Im now raising my 3 sons,& boy I tell ya,I hate the fights.Im glad you have such wonderful siblings.I only wish things were that way with my siblings,but then thats the way things are in my life.Oh ya guess what,,im my sisters name sake LOL.. go figure,Asked my mom why she named me Dorothy Anne, her comment was,I knew I wldnt see my Dorothy Anne again.She has lots to thank me for,I wanted so desperatly to meet my namesake.It only took 5 hrs, thanks for the wonderful internet site my mother now has Janet & I in her life(janet is my sister)so keep the sibling memoeies alive hun :-)

Anonymous said...

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