Friday, September 23, 2005

THAT girl

Tired. Today is Friday to most normal people that get weekends off. Today is my Monday. Lately my day's off have been Wednesday and Thursday. So I am feeling run down from my day. I don't know, there was just something about me today.. I never relaxed once at work. I was really tense..and worried I was going to screw up. And then I would screw up. It's like I was psyching myself out to screw up. Oh well.

At one point today... I rang in a coffee, after the man said he wanted water. So I gave his wife the coffee, and then I began to pour him another. He yells, " NO I want water." I'm like, "yes, that's right, I am really sorry. I swear I'm not doing this on purpose." The woman then sends her husband away to sit and calm down. I am way beyond flustered. For some strange reason these people are married yet, they always pay seperate. So we have to figure out the difference..blah blah blah. I am a retard when it comes to math. It is really sad, so I was zero help in the matter. Just kind of stood there red faced and agreed to whatever she said.. (which can't be good to always do, one day that'll catch up on me.) So by this time, the man is back because we've taken so long. So I send Annette to get him a mug of hot water. And he yells again, "I don't want HOT water. I want it cold!" HAHA. I can't help but laugh at this time. I wasn't offended that he was getting so upset with me. I'd be getting a little upset with me at this point. I bet he calls me "THAT girl." They'll be in again tomorrow and I know with my luck I'll get them..and he'll be thinking.."Oh no, not THAT girl again."

Then this pack of five young men come in. They are kind of rowdy and a little noisey. All at once they bombard me with what they want.. BLT' pizzas...crispy chicken wrap..I don't want that five, I want another one...etc. All at once, and I am not exxagerating. I was so overwhelmed by them. Not to mention they're immature, and they're hitting each other in the ass HARD while the other person is trying to order. My goodness. Then this one starts to feed me one liners. "You have the most beautiful know." He was so intense, I couldn't stand it. I swear he was looking right through my clothes.. There was just something about this guy that made me feel super uncomfortable. He goes on to say, "At least I made you smile..." So I agree, yes he did make me smile. Then he says, "And you look beautiful when you're smiling.." BLAH. He goes on to invite me out for coffee..and I reply, "With ALL of you?" I am just not even sure how my brain is working at this point, I am so overwhelmed and shook up and embarrassed... He again asks me out but this time just with him and then his friends are all grabbing drinks to pay for and it's just getting chaotic. Finally my boss steps in and asks if I need help. Thankfully Heidi saw what had been going on and sent him in there to rescue me. She said to me later that she was watching him earlier and he had been staring at me the entire time I was working with other customers. She said she sort of saw it coming and wished she had warned me. Oh well.

There was just something about this one guy that was so persistent. I've read in magazines that women's intuition is always right. I just had this really gross feeling, almost making me feel sick to my stomach about him. I know that I wouldn't want to see him alone anywhere or even in a bar in fear that he'd follow me. Maybe he was just a jackass trying to impress his friends. There just isn't any honour in embarrassing a woman, and making her feel that uncomfortable. Why would I want to date a guy like that? Apparently he thinks he's doing it right. I hope he got the message when William delivered their food, and I completely avoided their table until they all left. Yikes, I did not like that feeling very much.

So that was my day. I was THAT girl that couldn't get a glass of water right. Haha. I was also THAT girl that was harrassed by five boys all at once. AHH.

I'm glad that I get to be THAT girl that doesn't have to work anymore today.


holli said...

That is so odd.. I woke up this morning and thought - "oh no.. I was 'that girl' last night".

Too TOO FUNNY that was the title of your post!!

And btw - good call on avoiding weird men. Always go with your gut. I try (TRY) to make that my mantra. I should follow my gut more often.

Anonymous said...

EEKK what a day Haley! Good for going with your gut. I bet tomorrow will be a better day!

Haley said...

WOW, we're so alike HOLLI> That is so weird that you woke up thinking that!! HAHA

And yes, Erin going with my gut VERY GOOD THING. My day wasn't so bad..just the creepshow thing.


Suz said...

Awww sorry that your day at work didnt go well. That guy sounds like he was very creepy! Always go with your intuition Haley, it will usually steer you right.

I hope today is a better day for you!

Hugs Suz

acumamakiki said...

Go with your gut!! I have learned in my doterage (HA!!) that my gut instinct is almost always right and if it isn't so I'm a little paranoid, better that you know?

Now-a-days, I don't even question it, if someone gives me the heebie-jeebies, I get them out of my life fast!

Mama said...

I'm exhausted just from reading it LOL! Good gut call! He sounds like some kind of creepy?

Btw, got your email and I'll get to that in a little bit.

Hope today was much much better and that you were Super-Girl!


wesley93francesco said...

Just passing by your blog and though you'd like this site.

holli said...

my gut says I'm not opening that "you would like this link" link.

David Thibodeaux said...

CANADIANCHICKLET!!!! I've missed you! It's been tooooo long! I ran accross a letter and a wine gum wrapper that you sent me, about 5 years ago! Memories are great aren't they? Send me an email if you reminisce with a southern boy. Love ya! David