Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I do not know why I had to remove clothes to do this...but I felt the need the time it felt right..Again just a little intoxicated and full of energy


Anne said...

bahahahaha! OMG! I am laughing my ass off.

JC said...

Um, your underwear doesn't match.

OK, not that that really matters. At least it's Christmas-y!

Anonymous said...

OMG Haley! You are crazy girl, I love it!

acumamakiki said...

If I looked that good in my undies, I'd be strippin' down too!

Haley said...

Yeah I know. BAD choice of underwear. Hey, I'm not having sex right now, so WHY would I match.hahaha.

I did have something going on with the christmas colours though. HAHA

I haven't worn that bra in ages..and the day i do..everyone sees.haha


ps. this is why it's okay to post..I'm stretching out..if I had been crumpled up..then the rolls would've shown. then I wouldn't have posted it. haaha
I just wanted everyone to see how... stupid I get.

AFGUY said...


OH YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the guys over here want that printed out, even if you arent matching...they wanna start submitting

I told them are all mines and im stingy!!

Anonymous said...

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