Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Everybody Needs An Ally

Alex my cousin. We have so many memories the two of us. We used to fight really bad when we were little because we were so much alike. Alex used to get so mad. Once she literally threw me out of her room. When I'd come to visit, I'd keep all of my things in her room. We got into one of our fights, Ally got into a stink and threw my suitcase out of her room and kicked it down the stairs towards her sister's room. HAHA. Too funny. After that, I got my own little room in the basement so as to avoid that situation happening again. I love that story.

Alex is so much fun. We have had many laughs together and I am just blessed to be able to live by her now. Especially with everything going on, this is the perfect place to be because she is a ten minute drive away.

Last night my goodness. I went to Alex's house for some karaoke and wow did we ever sing. We played, now I can't spell ... kamakazee karaoke. This is where everyone in the room has to sing at one point. We pass the microphone on and randomly select songs from the cd's. This is always a good time, sober or drunk. Me, yeah I was quite drunk. I at one point was dared by Alex to run through the sprinkler system in her back yard. Luckily, I had my camera and told them to capture the moment. Yes, we sure captured that moment as you all can see.

Today mom and I went shopping in Nanaimo. We did the Wal*Mart shop and all that but I finally got my pictures developed which is so nice. So I wanted to post a few of them and most of them include pictures of me DRUNK and with my cousin. The shopping was so great. There's something about spending money that I haven't earned yet...that is dangerous and intriguing. Haha, such a dork. Good ol' Mastercard. My mom just yelled, "where did you get your shirts from again...Garbage Clothing?" Haha, no it's Garage Clothing. Sometimes I wonder about that woman. She's crazy but we had some mother/daughter time together, spending some money. I spent a disgusting amount on six new karaoke cds to add to Alex's collection. It's only gonna get uglier from this point on.. haha. There were purses on for ten dollars .... all sizes... all styles. I bought a purse that is the colour of Split Pea and Ham soup. Blech, but a nice looking purse, just because it is so ugly.

Ugly somehow is good. That's how I get along in this world. HAHA

So back to my cousin, the one that is the reason why I even have friends right now. I think everyone needs that certain someone, outside of any relationship or marriage.. that is there whenever you need a good laugh..or a cry, whatever the case.. I like having a few of those friends for backup, just in case Alex is working or having a bad day herself. When Alex is sad, she likes to be left alone to do what she does on her sad days.. and I respect that. She's also a napper. I don't like to bother her naps because they mean so much to her. How adorable is that. She's going to be 21 soon and she still has her afternoon sleeps. Aww..I love her.

So I posted this blog in honour of PUKE GREEN purses, drunk fiascos..kamakazee karaoke... AND Ally Bally. I love ya baby.


Mama said...

She sounds like an awesome cousin! I'm glad you have someone near by. Thats some pic, girly, flying thru the air in your undies? ROFL!!

So you enjoyed the pic of the kids at the beach in 1994? LOL!?


JC said...

I know what you mean about ugly being good. I bought this pair of shorts that is so ugly that it transcends the ugliness to be kind of cool. Weird how that works.

holli said...


Suz said...

Ally sounds like a wonderful person. Its great you have her and you two get along so well.

ROFL @ the pic in your undies. I remember when I use to do things like that, it seems like ages ago.

Oh by the way I have a puky green color purse, LOL

Hugs Suz

Haley said...

suz..sounds like we are a bit alike huh. hehee. Ugly is good somehow. because it's different.